FS: OEM Halogen Tail Lights


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I have one set of taillights for a Mk6 GTI. I had replaced them with LED Tails long ago, and kept these in case I ever needed them. After having them sitting inside in storage for years, I decided to save some space.

They were replaced in 2013, so they've been unused for quite a while. They come with bulbs but at this point I don't know if they work, it's been so long.

These are both the inner and outer assemblies and came with the car. Part No's:

  1. 5K0-945 095-G
  2. 5K0-945-093-T
  3. 5K0-945-096-G
  4. 5K0-945-094-AA

These are around 400 new on ECSTuning. Looking to let them go for $100 Shipped OBO