FS: Work Rezax 1 18x8.5 18x9


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FS are my works that I rebuilt, only part I didnt redo was painting the barrels which are in good shape anyway. Unfortunately one got slightly curbed being removed which is pictured below. They are et38 on the front and et44 rear. So they would be perfect to do a bigger lip on the fronts and make them rears.

I will also include the original work bolts which are worth $$$ and the wobble bolts also worth $$$.

Sorry for the quality of the pics...

$1300 plus shipping, wheels only
$1450 plus shipping, wheels and tires (tires have like 80% tread but one has a knick from the curb and another has some fender cuts. Still very usable).



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No thanks that price I have them for is a steal. This is a 3 piece forged wheel with good tires not nokians.


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These have been sold for a while now

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