Fuel pressure sensor replacement


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ah, gotcha. other bottom :) you trying it with the car on stands? or down from the top of the bay?
Top down. The way I have it parked makes it hard or impossible to get it on stands.


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depending on which xzn bits you have, try a 1/4" ratchet with extension to 1/4-3/8" adapter to go into the #10 xzn.
i use thes xzn bits on these stupid cars with there fancy irritating fasteners. dont get me started on all the self tapping coarse thread nonsense holding a 30K car together :)


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Alright... my family had a series of health issues that pulled me off the car. One stupid thing after another. Anyway, I got the manifold off.

I pulled the throttle body to get a better look at the bottom bracket bolt. The reason I couldn't get a good handle on it is because there are hard plastic coolant pipes that connect the coolant overflow to the secondary water pump with a line that T's off and wraps around to the back of the block. Even with the throttle body out of the way it was tricky to get a good bite on it, and it didn't help that the tech to replaced my intake manifold under warranty had the strength of a bear that had the strength of two bears; it was unnecessarily tight, is what I'm saying. Also the basic design and choice of hardware is just stupid. There's no need for the bracket to be secured to the intake manifold with a stud coming out of the manifold, had they just used a bolt there'd be no need to even bother with the lower bolt, just pull that top bolt and slide the manifold out. VW's insistence upon using all these female bolts (torx, triple square) is also incredibly annoying and unnecessary. The engineers that come up with this crap need a master tech in the room to tell them when they're being idiots.

First time you do a job as an amateur is always a struggle, next time should be a lot easier. Interestingly despite having 60k miles since the last cleaning my valves look incredibly good. Yeah they're coated in black, but there's none of that chunky buildup you'd normally see. I honestly don't feel the need to bother with cleaning them as the extra heat and extended time at high RPMs from track events seems to be keeping them happy.

Decided to just replace all of the injectors while I'm in there. Car should be back on the road this week, slapping it all back together should be fairly quick and easy.


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The HPFP sensors should be easy to reach and test first.
ended up replacing the HPFP and all four injectors. It ran great for two days, then a coil-pack shit itself.