fuse and relay diagram


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hi i have a mk6 golf r. fuse number 7 keeps going out as soon as i start the car it take just few min. what could be causing this. i am about 2 hours away from vw dealer and im in a small town there are any mechanics that can help.
ran a test with a innova tester.
stored codes are p0444,p0243,p2400. pending codes: p2295, p0444, p0243, p2400, p031, p0037 permanent codes: p2295, p0444, p0243, p2400.
i would really appriciat the help thank you.


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I would try clearing all the codes first. Then drive around and re-scan. Post the codes that returned.


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The first and most useful step here is to, I dunno....find out what fuse #7 goes to?

Just a thought. lol However......that said, fuse 7 does not seem to be noted with a circuit.

The fact remains finding out what the fuse protects is step 1. Should be able to just call the dealer and see if they can reference it hopefully. Codes will not be that helpful, for instance if you get a lean code....well, is it a fuel pump or injectors? LOL The actual circuit info will be infinitely more helpful.


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(15A) Ignition main circuits is what it goes to. i have tried to clear the codes and drive it around and the codes that i posted are what i get.
thank you for the reply.