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Hey guys,

this project has been ongoing for a while now, but was put on the back-burner due to limited interest

recently, on another forum, the project was brought back to life again with several owners willing to pay almost double the cost for a competing product due to a "lower" barrier-of-entry (i.e less confirmed buyers required)

in light of this, and due to being contacted by several forum members to ask if we were willing to accommodate the limited numbers, we have now decided to offer the following:

- 15 confirmed buyers required (we already have a few people PM me willing to drop out of the competing group buy if we were to restart our project)
- We will be more pro-active with our promotion of this project to assist you in getting the required numbers (posting on multiple VAG forums, email shots to both vendors and customers, social media etc)
- We will foot the cost of the remaining 15 sets required, and keep in our inventory for future sales/customers
- Brand new Helical LSD (which is both stronger and performs better in a regular loaded situation than any other Helical LSD on the market, fact, and Googlable)
- FREE no-load mechanism which is already included as standard with your car (we won't charge you an extra $1000 for it like our competitor)
- Brand new Ring & Pinion (which is significantly stronger than the oem ring & pinion. Not that that matters much though, as unlike the BMW guys, you guys don't break things much)
- Brand new Ring Gear Bolts (to secure the ring gear to the LSD)
- Brand new Shims (to setup the back-lash on the differential, which is the most important part of installation)
- Option of Helical LSD only for those who wish to do their own machining (which will make the LSD even lower cost and more in line with our existing BMW/VAG fitments)
- 2-3 month lead time (again, we already have all the CAD work done on it)
- Option to have us either fully rebuild your existing core, or send you a pre-built core on a "core exchange" basis (like we currently do with the BMW's). Obviously this will cost slightly more than the base LSD with/without Ring & Pinion
- Option to purchase our Front DSG LSD (yes, we already have one available, in stock and ready to ship) at $699.95
- Front MT LSD can be made, but we would need at least 5 confirmed buyers @ $699.95

- Rear LSD + Ring & Pinion: $1500
- Rear LSD Only (for DIY machining): $999.95
- If we achieve the required numbers, we will require 50% deposit in advance
- Core rebuild service (send us your core and we will rebuild it for you): $500
- Core exchange service (we will ship you a rebuilt core first, then you send us your old core back): $1000 (inc. a $500 refundable core fee)

For those wondering why we decided to make a new Ring & Pinion, and not just do machining work to the oem diff/ring gear, it is because we are a true International company, and want to offer this solution worldwide. Unlike with the other solution, we're not locking you into 1 installer to get this installed, which can be extremely expensive for those not within the US (as confirmed by a couple of the customers that PM'd us), or have to go find an experienced machine shop in your country to do the work which will cost you an arm and a leg to do

Conclusion? We are still willing to work with you guys to make this happen, and if it does happen, it will benefit all future/potential customers as they won't need to spend stupid (and completely unnecessary) amounts of money.

If you are interested, please let me know :)


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Hi guys.

I was previously a part of the group buy on VWvortex.

Thanks to the cluster F*!@ going on there and the subsequent locked thread, I am more interested in the option you guys provide over what INA tried to do. Please add me to the list.

I actually have 2 cars i'm interested in doing the upgrade. The MKV R32 and The 2011 TTS. It's my understanding the Haldex Gen 4 internals are different than the Haldex Gen 2? Have you guys confirmed whether or not the differentials are different? Is it worth paying more for the Gen 4?

On your site the haldex gen 2 price is significantly cheaper. It is my plan to eventually swap my Vr6 into the TTS but i wanted to keep the Gen 4 diff. Just from driving the cars back to back i haven't notice any discernible difference in rear power control between the two units. But i know from driving a r32 with the "race mode" haldex upgrade that the power transfer is much greater. Please advise. The TT is my daily so i'd rather keep the parts intact for now until further news is produced about this product. I want to do the swap over all at once.

Thanks for bringing this back.


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The mk4 R32 is a different fitment and a lot simpler, which does not require a separate ring & pinion to be made. We have this fitment in stock for both Front & Rear and can be ordered from our our website at any time.

For the R, as you may already know, this requires a complete redesign due to the welded ring gear on the oem differential. The simplest, and cleanest way, to do this is for us to make a brand new ring & pinion, which is customised to be used with our LSD, unlike with the competitor which requires "cut & shut" techniques to work (not only do they need to machine off your old ring gear, they also have to cut apart your old diff and re-use a part of it with the new LSD)
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