Golf 6, 1.6 tdi, high fuel consumption, DPF regeneration at every engine start


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Hy guys,
golf mk6; 1.6tdi; 2011; variant; blumotion-tech; 186.000km(115.575miles) on board.

According to the service history
injectors changed at ~160.000km
egr changed at ~ 150.000km

I don't drive economically - I take all it's got but this issue happens no matter what - even if i kill it or drive chill (the difference is maximum 0.5l/100km - insignificant)


According to car dash the consumption is 8 l/100km(29mpg).
Real life full tank calculation is 9l/100lm(29mpg).
(It doesn't matter if i push the pedal hard or not - tested on several full tanks)
I have another colegue that has the same engine and he does much heavier traffic and he gets around 6l/100km(~40mpg) - plus mine has start-stop so it should have lower consumption in the city.

I started investigating and on vagcom(some friend had one) and it shows that the DPF regen was initiated >2600 times.
At every engine start the DPF tries to regen.
The clog percent for DPF is 5% so regen should not take place yet.
No dash lights or error are logged.

On monday I will visit the dealer's shop for some ecu software update to the latest version available but i am not sure this will help (I do not know what software version is installed on the car now).

I searched around but no one seems to have detected this or have the same cause for high fuel consumption.

Any ideeas?