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Golf GTI MK6 2011 210hp headlight coding problem.


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Hi everyone.

I m new to forums. Reaching out to everyone.
I have just found out from VW as had my car investigated for 'AFS no bend light function'. They have factory reset all electrics and now the LED tails (which are not stock according to VW but they look like stock - I didn't know about it) are not working.
The indicators are working and the front bi xenons are working.
They said it just needs to be coded so they can work again.
I rang a few tuning shops nationwide but no one can help with this (or they dont want to).

Please if there is anyone who knows how to do it or knows the codes please reply.
I have the pro version of OBD11 but I ve never coded before and don't want to mess anything up without guidance from someone who knows.


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Thank you all. I ve managed to fix it now. It needed byte 18 changing to cod 04 and all work fine now. If you have similar issue please let me know I have a list of code that can be tried.