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Golf MK6 Protection


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Hi, I've purchased an MY10 Golf TDI 103, which will arrive next week and I was wondering if anyone knew if the Golf already has:

Any paint protection.
Leather Protection
vinyl protection

The Care dealer opted me to purchase the above protection (plus some other minor additions included) for $2000 or a reduced version for $1800, which i know is a rip off and will not be purchasing.

I am thinking of protecting the car myself (which appears to to fairly simple), and was thinking of purchasing Nanolex products ( as I've heard there are very robust. I am really looking for a products that I dont have to re-apply every 3-4 months (like most waxes). I have been unable to find out anywhere (obviously not dealers), what sort of protection or if VW protects their cars before leaving the factory.

Advice would be much appreciated.
Regards, Steven


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Hi mate,

I've had my Golf for about 6 weeks now and I was looking for the same info before it got delivered. A detailer on another forum recommended this
for my Deep Black Pearl paint. He said to put on two coats straight after an initial wash. It is the easiest product I have ever used. It does not go white and chalky and you dont need to buff it too hard. Doing your own paint protection isn't too hard and you get to know your vehicle.
I wash it (using the 2 bucket method) with this
This for leather
And this is a must for all the vinyl, plastic etc

Enjoy your new purchase. Let me know if you need any more info.
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They apply nothing like this before leaving the factory. I did my paint myself and the stuff cost about $200. I already had some polishing compounds and a polisher.. About every detailer in my area now does some sort of "ceramic" protection.

EDIT: Lol @ thread from 2009