Golf R 2011 rear diff issue?


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Hi everyone!

This is my first post on this forum, I've been around reading a lot. Recently I purchased a used Golf R 2011 with DSG box and I can only say that.. I fu***** love this car!

I'm not super good on cars but I tend to do some research to get some more knowledge before I ask people for help.

The issue, I'm not sure it's an issue it might be normal. But it seems that I have some kind of whining noise when accelerating. The thing is, if I go on full throttle you can only hear the whine a slight second and then it disappear. If I run in 40 - 50 km/h (25 - 31 mph) and put a little bit less then full throttle the whining sound is there for a little longer.

What I have been reading is that it might be the AC compressor, but I'm not 100% sure there is a ac compressor on the mk6? Seems that the noise doesn't goes away when turning AC off, maybe a little bit less. Others said its the turbo but it doesn't sound as the turbo either.

I found a video on the sound since I tried to find what it could be Here is the video

This is on a Golf r mk7 but both mk6 and mk7 uses the 5th gen of haldex so I thought it might be any issue with the haldex system.

Is this sound normal or should I get back to the dealer and have them fix it for me?