Golf R Clutch/Traction Control Issues


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Hello R people,

Recently my clutch has started slipping more and more, it has always slipped if I accelerate in 6th, but now it seems to be slipping in 2nd and 3rd gear.

When the traction control is on and I accelerate in 2nd or 3rd the traction control light will flash. I am confused as to why the light would come on if my clutch was slipping. Maybe there are two separate issues going on here.

My question is first off: has anyone else had this happen with a stock clutch?

and secondly: What would be a good Stage 2-ish clutch to put in?
(I am currently considering the DKM stg 3 twin disk)

car has stock clutch
apr tune
tb exhaust



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Sounds like slippage i had this happen on oem clutch. If i statyed on it while it was slipping it would induce the traction light. Im currently running the dkm stg 3 twin organic disk. You will not be disappointed. Excellent clutch im stage 2+ with the performance haldex as well. Holds up with no issues plenty of launches. 5k on the clutch now. Love it


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Engine TCS might be stepping in and doing a fuel cut or something when it notices that your engine/gear output speed is running away from your wheel speeds?


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If you let off it wont notice it but if you keep the pedal down while slipping it will