Golf R rear bumper swap ?


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Can someone tell me if it's possible to swap a 2012 Golf R bumper & exhaust to a 2011 GTI , if the answer is yes where is the best place to buy a replica bumper ? I am guessing I could find a used muffler on this forum ...


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you can't use CBE made for Golf R I think, the piping is at different location. Probably cheapest route is to go custom.

If you want the rep bumper, you can get them at Amazon, Ebay, Buychina. They cost about the same for around $500+


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You can get OEM bumper and all needed parts for around $750 at a dealer or you can buy from ecs for $900. Replica isn't good fit. As far as exhaust you need a custom catback section built up for you which should cost you about $300 tops


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Ok so I know of at least four people who have done this. I will also be doing this swap probably early next year. Gonna buy new wheels first.

ECS has the rear OEM Golf R bumper swap for over $1000 unpainted. Also the dealer costs less than ECS, but it comes painted. I don't have a price for that, but one person I know who did the swap got his from a dealer for over a $1000.

Exhaust is always separate. You will need a custom exhaust. You can use a Golf R catback, but only if it gets chopped up to fit. So it's not really worth it. I am personally just going to have a shop make me custom straight pipes. I already have a catless downpipe. So no, the Golf R catback will not fit without a lot of modification.

Also, I know of a CSG one for sale right now in Arizona. I'm not sure if he wants to ship though. $700, used OEM painted.