Golf R Review vid


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Interesting. They really hated on the Golf R. But they all said the same things that we say, it kind of lacks power out of the box, and its a little pricey for that performance. We all want MOAR! Especially when pitted against the WRX and the EVO.

Would be interesting to see what they would say after a tune on the WRX and the R.


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lmfao they make it sound like it has some enormous turbo strapped to the back of the engine


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I think the review doesn't make any sense.

How can the Subaru be a better everyday car when they hated the interior and the seats?

How can the Evo be an everyday driver with that high maintenance level and the initial cost?

Don't get me wrong, all three cars are good, but why give the R a bad review when it clearly is the better everyday car?

It might not have the power as the the Evo or the WRX out of the box, but if I had to drive it daily, I would want a good interior, good seats, a well built finish and not such a high maintenance car.

They should just rename title "We just want to give the Golf R a bad Review"