GPS Tracking and impound fee?


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I went my parents this weekend and I think my little brother(don't even have a driver's license) drove my car while I was sleeping.
when I woke and the odo had 20+ miles on it. odo was 9021 when I parked and it now says 9045.
But he keep saying that he wasn't driving.
So I asked her if she was driving and she said no.
My mom wouldn't lie and she has her car and it's nicer( in fact she don't like my R :frown: )
So, I want to get super clear proof that he was driving so he can't lie anymore. I'm just glad he didn't hit any car/people.
and most wonderful thing is he got caught driving my mom car and got impounded for a month this morning (around3am)

So here's questions.

1. I had my Tomtom gps in my car.
can I track the signal? like where was the car in that certain time?
If I can do it, how can do it? should I call the tomtom?

2. How much would be the impound fee? the car will be sitting on the lot for a month.( Vancouver B.C)


Horus USAF

shhh Im thinkin......
Why don't you just hide your keys??:iono::iono:


Ready to race!
or just beat him til the truth comes out

Yeah I'm gonna head down to my parents next weekend and I'll beat him down to death

My mom grounded him for forever lol
and he's birthday is coming up in oct and he's not gonna get his license for couple years.
what a great thing he did:thumbsup:
you should egg his house while he's asleep. That'll show him.


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you should egg his house while he's asleep. That'll show him.

Nah, bang his mom.
That will piss him off for sure.

Seriously, though a month worth of impound fees can be devastating.
Why are you guys leaving the car there for so long?

Now, common sense time!
You could always call the place that has the car and ask them how much it will cost
since obviously we don't work there.


So ur bro who doesnt have a license just took out your $26k R for a drive! LMAO WOW i would BEAT HIS ASS!!!!!!