Handbrake dragging after pad replacement.


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Good evening.

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I have a 2012 golf mk6 estate and I have been having handbrake issues. About 18 months ago it’s MOT failed on rear caliper binding so had new pads, disc and caliper replaced in the rear right.
Was okay for a few months then wheel startes to get warm so I kept an eye on it over a period of time. Some days it wouldn’t drag and other days it would.

Skipping over a year until now and I have just had to replace the pads on the rear right as one side had worn to metal. I replaced the other side and now both side are now dragging. I’ve done maybe 1000 miles since replacement so they should be bedded in by now. The discs are fine with no slips or scoring. I checked the adjustment on the handbrake and the right side was a lot further down than the left. So I followed a procedure I found on how to adjust the cable and it didn’t make a difference. I disconnected the cable from the handbrake end and I may get four or five turns on the wheel before coming to a stop.

when I changed the pads over (Brembo) I checked the slide pins and the moves fine.

I found the calipers easy enough to wind back in.

made sure there was grease in the correct places on the pads to stop squeaks and also seizing pads. I’m not sure what else I can do.

can someone tell me how I can go about starting completely fresh again. Can I so called reset the handbrake and start again? It’s killing my MPG by about 15mpg.

The I measured the stops on where the handbrake attaches too and it’s 1.5mm from the stop but still drags. The other one is the same although it wasn’t rubbing before until pad replacement.

the handbrake works fine and hold the car well on three clicks but the cable adjuster is almost at the end of the stud (coming off)

please help.

I’ve attached a picture of the offending caliper with the handbrake lever almost on the stop for reference.


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