Has anyone hit 250,000 miles yet??


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299k miles on the original suspension?

I don’t doubt that it can be done, but that thing must drive like a sloppy old bouncy castle.


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DAMN! I got to put aside some serious cash money stacks if I want my MK6GTI to hit 300k MILES!!!

WOW. Thank you for all your posts!

My GTI is at 105k MILES, and I'm on my 3rd clutch, RMS replaced, fuel injectors all four replaced, carbon cleaning done twice, ko3 turbo started leaking, replaced with ko4, still have the ko3 turbo on my balcony collection snow at the moment... hmm what else... oh, I'm on my third PCV... also got left wheel bearing replaced, on my 3rd set of ignition coils (R8)...

bigger intercooler upgrade around 80k miles...

rear driver side calliper seized and that was replaced with a rebuilt one... obviously have the timing service done (preventive maintenance)

On my third battery... group 48 size battery.

that's all I can think off at the moment...


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I’m at 167k. On bags, new dsg trans at 140k. Chain tensioner , water pump at 55k. Water pump again at 110k. On air suspension, exhaust , regular maintenance. Had to do coils packs and pcv recently and needs are carbon cleaning but is going strong. A lot of clunking around on bumps, could be a loose hatch