Headliner replacement...$700...fair?

JW with a VW

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Tell me your thoughts. After sitting in the garage for 3 months...thank you COVID, I decided to pull her out for a bath and drive...only to look in the rear view and see the dreaded sag... 😔

Guy quoted $700 for liner and moonroof (to keep colors matching). Too much?

Thanks in advance!


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I didn't have a sunroof, but I pulled out my headliner myself, took it to a shop to be reupholstered, and then reinstalled it myself. The shop only charged me $130 to reupholster it, which is about what materials would have cost me.


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does the 700 include lube?


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I had mine done last year, when I was still in Florida. Cost me $200, matched the Titan Black perfectly. A company with a mobile unit came to my house and did it. The local VW dealer wanted $900. Pffffhht.