Help with electrical issue!


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Hey guys I’m having an electrical issue that’s got me stumped. So I have a 2011 gti autobahn with power driver seat. My issue is my sunroof, power seat and heated seats don’t work. I am not getting any power to the fuse panel on d/s of the dash to fuse 33,34,37 that row. I for the life of me can’t figure it out. No codes in block 9. I’ve tried another bcm no luck and replaced the little thermal fuse

Little background before these issues happened my ecu went bad for the second time due to having the old tunes were they had to open the ecu up. Since then I have another ecu and that’s working fine. Now these issues have started.

Really would like to know we’re those 3 fuses wires go to if it’s a relay or something before I replace all those relays.