Helpful Products
Whether it is at home or the track, below is a list of useful products available at the Tire Rack.

Fender Lip Roller: LINK

This professional quality fender lip rolling tool is designed to maximize the wheel well clearance when upgrading to a larger Tire & Wheel Package or when installing fender flares. Can also be used to repair wheel area damage.

The rolling tool fits all four- and five-lug wheel hubs up to 120mm bolt circle with hubs up to 72.5mm. Includes dished washers and vehicle lug bolts. Forming arm adjusts from 14" to 22-3/4" to roll lips flat. Delrin® ball bearing system forms the fender without damaging the paint. Heavy steel powder coating. Limited one-year warranty.

Tire Rack recommends using a heat gun with the Fender Lip Rolling Tool to minimize the potential for paint damage during use.

Aluminum Service Jack: LINK

The Aluminum Service Jack from Tire Rack features a Quick Lift System with two-stage pump and dual return springs. Go from 3.5" ground height to a maximum height of 19.5" in 12 strokes or less, even under load. The jack's lightweight, aluminum design weighs only 50 lbs. for easy transport yet remains ideal for heavy-duty, 2-ton capacity use. Wide track casters and wheels allow for easy maneuverability while a rubber saddle pad and foam handle bumper protect the raised vehicle. A 50" handle is included.

Lift Range: 3.5" to 19" (meets almost any application)
Saddle Diameter: 4.75"
Chassis Width: 13"
Front Wheels: 2.5" x 1.75"
Rear Caster Width: 1.25" x 1.25"
Weight: 50 lbs.

Torque Wrench: LINK

Helps tighten your wheel's lug nuts or bolts accurately.

1/2" drive adjustable torque wrench
Click type design – wrench clicks when selected torque is reached
Accurately measures up to 150 ft./lbs. of torque
Chrome plated hardened steel Includes 5" extension bar and 1/2" to 3/8" adapter
Precision made, professional quality
High impact plastic storage case
Can be used with Gorilla Thin Wall Sockets (sold separately)

Cordless Impact Wrench: LINK

Weighing only 5.9 lbs., the Cordless Impact Wrench provides power in a lightweight design. Wrench features a variable speed switch to provide the option of increasing and decreasing speed based on trigger pressure. Above the trigger switch is a selector that allows the wrench to work in a forward or reverse direction. And for those hard-to-see areas, a bright LED light illuminates when the switch is depressed.

To protect against overheating and ensure long lasting life, the Cordless Impact Wrench is equipped with a cooling fan motor.

Cordless Impact Wrench includes:

Two batteries
Charger stand
Carrying case


Voltage: 18 VDC
No load speed: 2,100 rpm
Impact frequency: 3,000 blows per minute
Impact torque: 206 ft. lb.
Input: 120v/60Hz
Battery cell type: Ni-Cd
Charging time: 90 min
Weight: 5.9 lbs.

Note: The Cordless Impact Wrench is designed for removing wheel hardware only and should not be used to torque lug nut hardware. Proper installation requires that the wheel lug torque be set to the recommended specification for your vehicle. These torque specifications can be found in your vehicle’s owner’s manual, shop repair manual or obtained from your vehicle dealer.

The Cordless Impact Wrench is warranted to be free of defects from workmanship and materials for a period of one-year from the date of purchase.

Accutire Racing Air Gauge: LINK

0-60 psi (in 0.1 lb. units)
Highly accurate
Reads extremely low racing pressures
Extra large, easy-to-read blue backlit LCD display
Bleed valve
Quick disconnect
Ideal for road, track or ATVs
5-year warranty

Digital Tread Depth Gauge: LINK

Dill's Digital Tread Depth Gauge displays tread depths in millimeters, inches and fractions at 1/32 increments. Suitable for measuring brake shoe and pad wear as well, the gauge's large LCD display makes it easy to read. Its zero function allows for a zero gauge at any point making readings quick and accurate. Manual power on/off.

Wall Mounted Tire Storage Rack: LINK

The Tire Storage Rack is a well-engineered solution to help organize the garage and keep extra tires or Tire & Wheel Packages out of the way. The flexible design allows room for today's performance-oriented Tire & Wheel Packages or can be adjusted to accommodate less aggressive tire widths.

The adjustable rack quickly attaches to wall studs providing a convenient and safe storage method and its heavy-duty construction has been load tested to a weight capacity of 400 lbs.

Tire Totes: LINK

Seasonal Tire Totes are a tire carrying and storage system that takes the hassle out of changing from winter tires to summer tires. Their compact, clean styling makes them the perfect choice for the organized garage and for transporting race tires in the trunk or on the back seat of a car.

A heavy-duty shell with an easy-to-carry handle slips over the tire to protect clothing and a vehicle's interior from tire and brake residue. In their totes, tires stay neatly covered and stacked until the next season rolls around again.

Sold in pairs
One size fits tires 22" to 31" in overall diameter and up to 295mm section width
Extra strong handle for easy transport
Holds over 80 lbs.
Hook and loop closure for easy insertion and snug fit
Machine washable
Rugged polyester/nylon materials and construction for years of use
Black with silver accents
Screen-printed with Tire Rack's logo

Wheel Felts (for use with tire totes): LINK

The Tire Tote Wheel Felts are a soft recycled industrial felt pad that protects wheels from the scratches and nicks resulting from the transportation and storage of seasonal or competition tires. The Wheel Felts slide into the Tire Tote (sold separately) and clip in place for a secure, snug fit. Once inserted into the Tire Tote, the Wheel Felts help to create a fully enclosed tire bag that further protects your clothes and vehicle interior when transporting your tires.

Wheel Felts are 1/4" thick and 20" in diameter and are designed to work perfectly with Tire Totes.

Kit includes two Wheel Felts
Protects wheels from nicks and scratches
Additional level of protection from tire and brake residue for your clothes and vehicle interior
One size fits all Tire Tote bags (sold separately)
Durable .25" thick felt pad
Easy to install
Large ventilation hole

Griots Garage 6" Random Orbital Polisher Bag Kit: LINK

Griot's Garage Random Orbital Polisher Bag Kit includes everything you need for a perfect interior and exterior.

Stored in Griot's Garage versatile Car Care Organizer Bag are:

6" Random Orbital Polisher
Best of Show Wax® (16 oz.)
Machine Polish 2 (Mild Polish) (16 oz.)
Machine Polish 3 (Very Mild Polish) (16 oz.)
6" Orange Foam Polishing Pads (2)
Wax Applicator Pad (red)
Microfiber Polish Removal Cloths (3)
Microfiber Wax Removal Cloths (3)
Speed Shine® (8 oz.)
Paint Cleaning Clay (8 oz.)
Spray-On Wax, (8 oz.)
Window Cleaner (8 oz.)
Microfiber Window Cloths (4)
Interior Cleaner (8 oz.)
Microfiber Interior Cloths (2)
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