HID light recommend please


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Honsestly, there isn't as much glare as I anticipated(but I never mentioned glare as an issue), fig 1 shows a little but that is all that I can see in your photos. The cut off is still wrong and the beam angle(bright) is still too high at 16ft or more.

The light is still enough to dazzle other traffic because it is still pointing too high. Think of where it will be pointing when you are accelerating. Such a slight angle change of the vehicle is enough to blind. This causes unexpected dazzling light that seem to come and go(suspension dive and lift) which could be dangerous for some one coming in the opposite direction..

If I can find a picture of an early 2000s TL or Carrera, I will post it as they shows how the cuttoff, and angle should be on HIDs in reflector housings.


Its going to look like an F-150 with high-beams on to other drivers.

Not safe.


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Can't find any laws that states height of beam. Just curious, for the ones w/ OEM HID projector, what is the measurement from the ground to the top of the beam. mine is at around 24-25".


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I do not know of laws that exist to regulate it. There are laws that regulate headlight position(from ground) on lifted trucks and 18 wheelers but none(including HID conversions) are policed or monitored so the legality is not really an issue. This is why I have HIDs in my fogs without worrying.

A simple test is to mark the level of the headlights against a wall with black electical tape and back up 25ft. At 25ft, the cut off should be below the tape and the tape should not be visible at all from any possible glare and must stay at that height when the car is in motion and load transfers to the rear.

At 25ft, the light should cut off sharply lower than the tape. Cars that come with factory Xenon projectors have a dynamic automatic(or manual switch) range that adjusts the angle of the projector even when the car is accelerating hard to keep the beam cutoff low. North American VW have the automatic versions. European VWs have it manual. Lexus, BMWs and other manufacturers have this feature.
90% of halogen projectors/refectors do not have this feature(especially in North America) because the light intensity is lower without as much reach or heavily centered bright most Hyundai projectors that we have here.
A car with HIDs retrofitted in the headlights have brigher intensity with further reach, but without a way to keeping it low when load transfers to the rear during driving. Adjusting the lens lower just faces it tothe ground.

I'll try to measure mine tonight or tomorrow might and report back.


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Ok, so here is my measurement.
It is a small wall but I tried at 8ft,16ft, 26ft and 32ft. The other walls that I found all had curbs or walkways which would have been difficult to measure the actual ground to height.

8ft & 16ft - Cutoff is starts at 25" and rises to 26"
26ft & 32 ft - Cutoff is starts at 24" and rises to 25"

At all distances from the wall, the cutoff drops one inch from the right side of the wall to the left left. So it will probably drop lower if I had more wall on the left. I assume this design is for traffic and will be reversed on a RHD car. That added with the headlight lever always keep the projectors pointing down low.

8ft and 16ft pictures are attached. White balance is off as I had the Camera in manual mode for another non-related photoshoot that I was doing.


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