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HID Low Beam Warning HELP


Passed Driver's Ed
I replaced my HID bulbs last year. The drivers side light died mid winter, it was pretty cold as I live in Toronto. Anyway I got the bulb in without taking the bumper or grill off. I just unscrewed the housing from the top, and removed the fuse box cover and with a lot of time and effort I got the bulb replaced. I can't say the bulb wasn't touched with something oily, who knows.

Anyway, today I noticed I got a bulb out warning for the drivers side low beam. Which, low and behold it was out. So I ordered a new one on amazon, while waiting for it to arrive I noticed the light began to work , and there was no warning, so I cancelled my amazon order. Noticed another day it was off with a warning again. I switched my lights off and on and they seemed to be fine afterwards both lights working.

Any ideas where the problem might be? Is there some preliminary warning if the light is going to die? I know the plate warning light came on for about a month before it was finally dead.

I can't seem to find a whole lot about this particular issue so I'd appreciate any assistance.