High mileage mk6 GTI


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Hi all,

Im new to the page. I currently drive a seat ibiza 1.2tsi and looking to change over to a mk6 gti. just after some advice on what to look out for and is it worth going for a high mileage gti ?

i have found one which if full spec but has 128k miles on with full service history 11 stamps, 1 keeper & priced @ 6,995.

Any help would be appreciated thank you


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The timing chain tensioner is the big issue. Models after 2013 should have the updated tensioner. If unsure if it was replaced I'd check.

Do you have OBD11 or VagCom?


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I have a carista which i use to scan with

Ah okay. I was thinking it would be good to take a block 93 measurement to check the chain slack but you can't take measurements with that. Not required but something that can be a concern with higher mileage cars.


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Yeah if I get one I definitely want to try to have it looked over by a professional haha. I remember hearing about the tensioner, good look reminding me. Definitely will get records before buying anything, especially if I end up getting a DSG (which isn't my first choice since they need maintenance I am not confident the average driver will keep up with).


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