High Oil Temperature


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I have a European Spec 2011 GTI Mk6 MT with 92K KM on the odometer, which I bought new. Using 98 RON (93 US) and Castrol Edge oil. The oil temperature was always 97c going up to 104 when climbing uphills, momentarily 110 -120 during fast back road hill climb driving, but it always quickly went down to less than 100 when slowing back down.
During the last 2 years the oil temp under identical driving conditions has been creeping up and now it reaches 106-108c in real relaxed "grandma" driving style and does not go down significantly while parking. I was at the VW service a few times and even communicated with the online VW service support in Germany and the response has always been that "there is no issue, it's within specs up to 120c". There are no error codes, water temperature is always a steady 90c, and the engine does not run rough (but feels to me just a bit weak). Any suggestion as to what may go wrong, what to check?