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How do I remove wax residue?


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I've been using NuFinish on my car for years, and it's covered with tiny white spots. The spots appear to be residue from the NuFinish. I can scrape them off with my fingernail, but they don't wash off. The last time I used NuFinish was probably 3 months ago, and it's still covered with spots, even though I've washed it since then.

Anyway, what's the easiest way to remove these spots? Clay Bar? Buffer? Scrape them all off with my fingernail?

Also, I'm planning to abandon the NuFinish. Do other waxes and sealants have the same problem? I'm thinking about switching to Meguiars Ultimate Liquid wax for once-in-a-while heavy duty protection, and Ultimate Quik Wax for regular washing.



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Claybar is one way to get that kind of residue.

Prior to polishing i typically wash the car with dishsoap, as this removes wax.

If you must be sure, 50/50 isopropyl alchohol sprayed on the surface and wiped with a MF towel.

If none of these solutions work, which i most certainly think they will, it can be polished off.