How much are you willing to spend on wheels alone for your car?

How much are you willing to spend on just wheels?

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I voted none. Ive come to peace with the detroits and have gotten enough random compliments on them to feel ok with them. Plus they are sturdy as hell over these terrible la roads, and the only wheels i love enough to go to the trouble are the vmr and thats too rich for my blood.

The Detroits are a great looking tire, and I got compliments when I had them as well. I only swapped them out because I love the style of the Raijin's I got (same as VMR 710 or Neuspeed RSe14).


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Nice poll. I assume that you're only looking at the cost for summer or year-round wheels rather that cost of summer wheels + winter wheels?

A good follow up would be "How much did you actually spend on wheels alone for your car?"

Actually thats a good point....I have a set of winter wheels and tires as well....though I got that for basically peanuts...


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VMR is about as huh as I would go with wheels, plus they look sexy I'm fixing to order my VMR 705 in hyper silver for my shadow blue


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Inexpensive wheels.. <1,000 + best tires I can get.

Personally I'm looking at getting some VMR's and Pilot Super Sports, using my stock Serrons and A/S's for a winter set up.


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$1,500 is my limit for now. I did spend $4,000 on a set of Work VS-XX's years ago and that was a big waste. I plan to scoop a set of Custom Powdercoated Rotiform Nue's next month.

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Spent about 2K on my wheels, wish I was a no limit soldier and bought the wheels I wanted in the first place-Neez Eurocross Euro in Audi fitment...


VMRs are expensive? :iono:

expensive enough. im fine with the grand i dropped on the car for ECU flash and intake for noticeable, useable power gains that i felt the car lacked stock, but money on cosmetics is almost pointless to me. the car is a depreciating asset and i can't justify dropping the money on wheels, even if VMRs aren't at the top of the list, they aren't cheap. if i didn't like the way the car looked stock, i wouldn't have bought it


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I clicked on $4000 to 4900 since that's what I spent on mine. I saw them, I wanted them, and I knew no other wheel was going to do it for me.


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<1k should get a nice set for a Mk6 golf... One doesn't need giant or fancy/custom wheels to look good.


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I would say around $2500 is my MAX.
Used wheels for me :)