How much are you willing to spend on wheels alone for your car?

How much are you willing to spend on just wheels?

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The Waxer

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I spent $1400+ shipping for wheels for the GTI. $2200ish with Tires.

Not bad, the ones I'm looking at for my other car (OEM optional Wheels) with Tires are $4500 via a "Forum Deal" and the tires only come with 5/32" of tread. :eek:

Couldn't stand the Detroits for looks or weight, so they had to go!


lol at people getting upset at the fact that lightweight wheels and grippy tires are about as good as a tune.

no one is getting upset, its just annoying when people voice pure subjective opinion like it is fact. while lighter weight wheels may make your car a tad more nimble and feel quicker, saying it is 'as good' as a tune or the same bang for the buck is absurd. you can't argue with a 40% power increase for $600-700 vs. some weight gains with new wheels and tires for 3 to 4 x's as much money.

take a stock GTI to dyno or to the track, give us some numbers and some quarter mile numbers etc, then go spend $2000+ for new wheels and tires and dyno your car. then do the same with a stock GTI vs. a stage 1 GTI w/stock wheels and tires and, ok, you aren't going to do that. but you get the drift. no one is arguing that upgrading wheels and tires will help with grip and handling and weight savings, but saying it is a comparable performance upgrade is silly.


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nah man. Expensive wheels/cheap tires. :thumbup:
Seriously though, If I'm going to get wheels, I'm getting nice ones. Maybe not $4k, but definitely 1-2k.

Agreed, Gotta pay to play plus expensive wheel tend to hold more resale value than some other.:thumbsup:


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I admit, I'm a forged wheel whore at the $3-5k range for a set for all my cars. I even have forged 3 piece wheel table and spare wheel lol. Everyone has different priorities in life and financial situation, but as long as you're happy with your wheels, that's all that should matter regardless of if they're $400 costco wheels or $12k Dymags.