How the Shark Navigator Lift Away Vacuum Cleaner Makes Your Life Easier


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It might be hard these days of modern mass consumerism to filter out what the best products are. If you want to buy something of high quality, something that will not only clean your house but also lasts a lifetime, where are you supposed to look?

For someone who doesn't do house chores that often, trying to find a suitable vacuum cleaner amidst a variety of good brands on the market is such a challenge. But we’re here to tell you that the task is not that hard. It’s like math: everything has their formulas. With the right knowledge, you will find it simple enough to figure out what the most suitable vacuum cleaner is.

For today’s article, we recommend you look into the shark navigator lift away upright vacuum NV360 as the product to get for both casual and cleaning tasks. Why? The answers are below!

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TheKingLive is a group of independent reviewers who spend hundreds of hours doing research on a wide range of products to help consumers make more informed decisions. As consumers ourselves, we understand the struggle of trying to be a smart buyer in such a chaotic global market.

Yet, with research and evidence, you can avoid the pitfalls of modern consumerism by learning from the mistakes made by those who have been there before. And that’s exactly what we’re doing!

We collect reviews from users online and warn you about the good and bad sides of a product. In addition, we also do our own research in experimental labs to have authentic reviews of the goods we’re writing about.

So if you’re ready, join us in dissecting the performance parameters of the 360 shark navigator lift-away bagless upright vacuum.

Strong suction power

The first thing that anyone would like to know about a vacuum is its suction power. How strong can it lift dirt? How efficient is it at clearing small, big or medium-sized particles that are strewn across the floor? If a vacuum is too powerful, it can have excessive suction power, which interferes with the ease of cleaning. If it is too weak, that hinders it from removing dirt efficiently, especially those stubborn particles that get lodged deeply in a carpet.

But with the NV360, you don’t have to worry about this issue. The suction power is just enough to lift the dirt efficiently, but not too powerful that creates the issues that arise from excessive suction. One thing that many consumers like about the NV360 is that for its size, it is incredibly powerful. This gives them the perfect combo of a small yet powerful machine. Yet, we understand that small size is not ideal for everyone and this issue will be discussed further below.


The shark navigator lift away NV360 is designed to be light and simple. It is easy to use, made of only the basic parts a vacuum cleaner should have. It doesn’t have a bag but a small dust cup of three dry quarts, which is placed inside the body of the machine to minimize space. This model is among the uprights that can stand on their own and does not require much storage space.

Although its design is neat, it comes with a variety of cleaning tools that have specific purposes, such as cleaning the tiny corners of your floor or reaching under the bed. However, all the accessories can be placed on the machine itself using an accessory holder, which can be wrapped around the hose for easy storage.

Little noise

While noise level can be a small issue for some, it can pose bigger challenges for others. Especially during the context of the pandemic, when the majority of our time is spent at home, ensuring a nice and peaceful ambience becomes the highest priority for many of us, and even more so for those working online.

When we work, we need a high degree of concentration in order to be productive. When we’re not working, having something in the back that is constantly whirring can be really disturbing.

Fortunately, according to shark navigator lift-away vacuum reviews, this machine emits little noise compared to its power level. This reduces the anxiety there might possibly be when someone in the house is sleeping or when you’re vacuuming in the morning.

Given the above features, if you still hesitate, find your reasons below!

Is this machine simple to work with?

Super! As mentioned, the NV360 is designed with only the basic parts, but it also comes with a set of accessories that facilitates a smooth cleaning process. Out of the box, the NV360 is intuitive to assemble. Take a good look at it and you should be able to put the parts together in less than 10 minutes. If you can’t, the instructions manual is available for reference.

What does “lift-away” mean?

Lift-away is a unique feature that not all vacuum cleaners have. This is when the main body, along with the cleaning hose, can be detached from the base that enables it to carry out specific cleaning tasks.

It is best-suited for situations when cleaning overhead, sanitizing the car, or reaching into narrow corners. In such situations, having to drag an entire machine along can be cumbersome, preventing you from freely moving around.

However, even when operating in the lift-away mode, be aware that you’d still be limited by the power cord. Hence, you still can’t reach very far.

How about its filtering system?

The filtering system is one the most important things about a vacuum cleaner. It will determine how well it can purify the air, protecting the health of those around it .

The NV360 shark lift away vacuum cleaner not only has a HEPA filter, but also Anti Allergen Complete Seal Technology that serves as a double insurance, preventing dirt and allergens from re-entering the air.

The HEPA filter is a rigorous filtration that traps small particles in a fine mesh so that they won’t contaminate the atmosphere. The sealed filter makes sure that if particles escape the bag, they are obstructed by one more sealed layer of protection. This helps a lot, especially for those who have underlying respiratory issues.

Can I replace the filters?

One of the greatest concerns for owners of vacuum cleaners is how they can change the filters. The filter is the most important part of a vacuum cleaner because it takes on the prime responsibility of purifying the air by trapping dirt and allergens in a sealed bag.

The filters of the shark NV360 vacuum are easy to maintain. The machine has three kinds of filters: a pre and a post motor filter, plus a hepa filter. The pre and post motor filters can be washed by hand under warm water then left to air dry, while the HEPA filter needs gentle cleansing to rid of all the dirt. It is recommended by the company— Shark itself—, to clean the filters every three to six months, depending on use.

Above is our Shark navigator lift away reviews. We hope that you’ve gained some interesting knowledge into this good little blue vacuum cleaner. Do not hesitate to share this article if you find it helpful!
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