HPA Motorsports TSI Performance Upgrades

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2.0 TSI Intake Manifold

Featuring better flow, higher boost capacity, and integrated flapper delete; this manifold will take your car to the next level. A direct bolt-on replacement for your OEM plastic intake manifold, HPA's performance manifold features a 40% increase in volume over the OEM plenum, and its cast aluminum construction supports larger turbos and higher boost resulting in big potential performance gains.

HPA's performance intake manifold is powder coated with a satin-black finish for durability and greater heat dissipation.

* Note: this is an aftermarket manifold that may not be certified to meet your local emissions regulations.

A more detailed description of HPA's 2.0 TSI Intake Manifold can be found here.

2.0 TSI K04 Turbo Upgrade

HPA’s Borg Warner K04 Turbo (equipped on the Golf R / S3) is a much more robust turbo with a higher operational boost range. HPA modifies the OEM K04 compressor cover, to allow the factory K03 diverter valve to be installed in the OEM location via a CNC port adapter. This allows for seamless integration of the factory TSI IHI (K03) plumbing, simplifying the installation for shops and home mechanics alike.

HPA also removes the turbo muffler to accommodate a specialized CNC-machined fitting, allowing the outlet pipe of the turbo to be rotated to clear the block. This increases airflow exiting the turbo. A laser-cut block off plate for the OEM S3 PCV system is included with all K04 kits as this port is not required on a TSI motor.

Each kit includes a TSI Stage 2 software tune, as developed on our winning SCCA World Touring Car engines, allowing for maximum horsepower, drivability and engine longevity.

A more detailed description of HPA's TSI K04 Turbo Upgrade can be found here.

TSI Street Downpipe

The HPA TSI Downpipe optimizes back pressure and allows our calibrators the headroom to maximize both power and torque.

The resulting 3” downpipe is a fabrication assembly designed around functionality and durability. .063wall T304 stainless mandrel tubing is precision tig welded for an ultra clean look. Our CNC formed hanger and laser cut flanges mate this assembly to the chassis and will withstand the thermal conditions the turbo will generate. Our flex couplings feature an internal stainless steel interlock liner that facilitates smooth flow of high temperature exhaust gases.

HPA street downpipes come standard with our 100C high flow cats, the same cats used on all HPA twin turbo vehicles.

  • Factory 02 sensor placement
  • Bolts to factory locations, with adapter step down included for factory rear muffler section
  • Substantial weight savings

A race (catless) version of this downpipe is also available upon request.

Additional details on HPA's TSI Downpipes can be found here.

Mk5/6 Street Intercooler

Precision machined, this direct fit Intercooler will optimize intake temperatures for your tuned engine, while its 50mm thick bar and plate cooler core will only minimally impact airflow over your radiator.

A special heat expelling coating has been applied to the cast aluminum end tanks to optimize this package.

Additional information on HPA's Mk5/6 Street Intercooler can be found here.

TSI ECU Programming

The HPA methodology of performance programming involves utilizing the adaptive environment of the factory VW/ Audi programming which is capable of analyzing and reacting to changes in fuel, temperature, air flow, etc.

Rather than creating a tune with fixed variables that overwrites the built in factory safety nets as most tuners do, each HPA tune is custom calibrated per vehicle using the factory Hex and A2L files.

Working in-house on a state of the art Superflow all-wheel drive rolling road simulator, the team at HPA runs each calibration set through a series of rigorous evaluations ensuring maximum performance is realized while all safety limits are in tact.

TSI Stage 1 Tune

  • Increase of 45 HP
  • Increase of 75 ft-lbs of Torque
  • Volkswagen factory safety limiters retained
  • Able to self-adjust timing and fuel for different fuel grades. No "switchable" program needed
  • Developed on our Superflow AWD dyno and tested on the road for peak performance and ultimate drivability
  • Zone specific tunes for optimum timing calibration
  • Flash available at any of our dealers or through the loaner tool program

For tuning requirements beyond Stage 1, contact HPA directly for pricing and performance results.

More details on HPA's TSI ECU Programming can be found here.

If you have additional questions regarding these or any other HPA products, feel free to IM or e-mail us directly.

To order any of our TSI performance products contact HPA Motorsports at 604.888.7274 and place your order. Package pricing will be offered for 2 or more items purchased at one time. Visa and MasterCard are accepted, and PayPal can be set up upon request.


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HPA hardware is complete and comprehensive. They come with everything needed for installation. No runs to the local parts store needed with HPA!


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Would the catted tsi downpipe be fine to fit with other aftermarket cbe's like SPM which is what I have at the moment?


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Would the catted tsi downpipe be fine to fit with other aftermarket cbe's like SPM which is what I have at the moment?

The TSI pipe is test fitted to the stock exhaust. Provided SPM is similar to that specification, there should be no issue.

We do provide a slip-fit pipe (about 8 inches long) as a go-between that can help account for small variances.

Give us a call to place an order. :)


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Come see the HPA Booth at Waterfest in NJ this year July 19th and 20th!

We'll have many of our products on display, and a few new developments as well. :thumbup:

Plus, as always, there are bound to be a few show specials that make coming to the show worthwhile. ;)

Can't make it to the show? Send me an e-mail with the product you're most interested in picking up this Summer, and I'll see what I can do to help...:cool:

Lastly, check our Facebook page, and the HPA Website Blog frequently for July promotions you will not want to miss. :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup:


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More K04 turbos coming out of production shortly. :)

Ask us about package pricing for the K04, downpipe, intercooler, and cast intake manifold if interested...;)
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