Hurdy's R thread


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Steve at Statller (my tuner) dyno'd the car today on it's new set-up, just to show why the car is sooooo quick. Still on 99ron and WMI though and the pump map. This was the result.....

Absolutely love the flatline torque, feels fapping brilliant on the road.

As most of you know, the last setting revision I had did 460bhp and 360lbft at Statller, which made 495bhp/465awhp and 425lbft/404wlbft at all 4 wheels at Awesome GTI on their newly revised (ie. reads lower) dyno calibration (Dynojet).

I'd say this new setting would comfortably make over 500 AWHP at Awesome GTI, which equates to around 540-550bhp!!!

All VERY positive for the engine build coming up later this year.

screenshot of my VBOX run....



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:thumbsup::clap: Nice Numbers... all most maxing out the turbo. has maybe a lil more in it.. what psi you running ? EBC?


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Plenty more yet. Not even touched on the race map or fuel yet. Also only at 70% duty cycle on the EBC.


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:party0038: Amazing numbers man!


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Well, over the last week or so I have been logging loads of data to see where the car is and how it is running.

Fuelling - Spot on from both in-gear pulls and launch through to warp speed.
Boost - Gradually been logging and tweaking up the boost. Car runs well at 28psi :eek:no surge or fluttering like a K04, just a pure strong pull towards the next gear.
Timing - Very little timing pull and even on my highest setting the timing pull is currently under -5.

With the VBox I have managed to run unofficial 11.2@123mph repeatedly, so I am hopeful the next trip to my official 1/4 mile raceway should reap a similar time/speed.

Also with the VBox my 0-60's are consistently 3 seconds flat or just under (depending on how clean the launch is) and 0-100 varies between 6.9 and 7.2 (again depending on launch).

100-200kph varies between 7.8 - 8.1 seconds
30-130mph varies between 10.9 - 11.2 seconds

All-in-all I am awe struck by just how quick the R is, not to mention how well the engine and gearbox (DSG) are holding up.

The DSG box still doesn't have a sniff of clutch slip on GIAC's newly revised stage 3 map, which is a solid testament to just how good their map is for this.
Similarly GIAC's stage 3 BT map works very well too.

And to get an Easter quote in....."I am one very happy bunny!"


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holy shit this thread is awesome. Very clean and powerful R!
Just throwing it out there, you'd probably have no chance against my stage 1 doe. its REVO. ;)



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A great day at Santa Pod Raceway yesterday. 11.08 @ 124.55mph. Full weight and over half a tank of fuel.

Possibly would have been in the 10's if I'd stripped it!

UK's quickest and fastest Golf R.



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WOW, a lot faster than lots of cars currently available. There is no need to wait for R400 as you car is way faster.