HYDE16 Reviews - DeutscheAutoParts Exhaust Alignment Bushings


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I ordered these for my APR as well (passenger tip is lower and sticks out more) to see if it will fix it all all. I haven't had a chance to look underneath the car yet as its been too cold - will probably get to it in a month.


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It should be super fast shipping to you then. Shipping is a cost that the business passes on to the buyer, there's no mark-up. Blame USPS for messing up shipments to the point where UPS and FedEx need to charge more to guarantee undamaged delivery... :thumbsup:

Yeah...they are about 35 miles or so from my house. If the traffic wasn't such a bitch I would drive up there to pick them up.


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This is brilliant, much better than using hose clamps!
Shipping to Canada:


Our Canadian shipping does not calculate properly. We are currently in the process of scraping our current site and designing a new one to resolve this and many other issues. Please note with that in mind the cost to ship these to Canada would likely not make it worth it. You should consider sourcing these locally.


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Just ordered 10 of these. These look like the grommets for the rear wiper assembly. I have 2-3 of them lying around from when i removed that.


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Curious. Couldn't one just use a pair of these grommets on either side and use a zip-tie to cinch it down and keep it from moving?


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What makes these any different from the grommets I can find at my local home improvement warehouse store?


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Hmm might help the excess side to side movement I get at the track. I already melted my rear diffuser from the exhaust touching it.