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HYDE16 - The Pag Parts EFR Turbo Kit


New member

Jekyll Is Dead! Long Live HYDE!
My previous HYDE16 - Project Jekyll & Hyde Build Thread theme led me to build a daily driver while striking a fine balance between a daycare shuttle during the week (JEKYLL) and aggressive performer during cruises, highway pulls or at track events (HYDE). I’ve focused on increasing stiffness, correcting or improving suspension geometry, adding traction, and realizing better overall response from driver input while limiting NVH, rattles and feeling beat up from long drives. After studying the effects of water methanol (thanks to Jamie@APR and tech@Aquamist), I was able to safely max out the ported & polished APR K04’s power potential with direct port water methanol and the APR V3.1 100 octane software file with 93 pump gas on a daily basis. To go a step further, I tested the limits of running E85 blends as direct port water methanol allowed for enough fueling headroom in the OEM fuel system to slowly increase E85 blends, ultimately allowing me to run E50 safely on a daily basis. Ever after all of this, the K04 still showed its limitations when I was decimated by an APR Stage 3+ MK6 Golf R, and after that, I decided it was time to move up to a big turbo build. Even though it was not required for this turbo kit, I decided to have the engine built to realize the full power potential of this big turbo choice. Now I can document what was needed to attain and effectively use this level of power. This thread is dedicated to building a big turbo GTI complete with engine and fuel build by Pag Parts Turbo, Pag Parts EFR 7163 Turbo Kit and supporting drivetrain build. As the build moves forward in its final stages, I will post updates with photos in this thread and the complete chronological, step by step build photos on a daily basis on Instagram (@becauseryanjacobs) for those who want to follow the progression.

Big Turbo Options:
There are several complete big turbo kits on the market today. Bolt them on, flash the packaged tune and off you go without having to upgrade engine internals. After watching the natural progression of some other K04 users, they moved on to the next-size-up big turbo kit but were still left wanting more. Not having the expertise to piece together my own kit, I searched for larger big turbo kits with a high quality exhaust manifold, future power potential and an OEM inspired, all in one package. At the time, I researched big turbo kits which may not require upgraded engine internals or additional fueling at first (reduced output software file) but had the future power potential if I decided to have the engine built and install additional fueling options (full output software file). This led me to Pag Parts Turbo (PPT).

Pag Parts Turbo (PPT):
Google “Pag Parts Turbo” or “PPT” and the results immediately return Audi and VW reviews, videos and feedback from around the world. In all of my research and forum reviews, I’ve never come across a company that had so much consistent, positive feedback. Read any thread about PPT engine builds, turbo kits, exhaust manifolds or customer service in general and the results show a very strong recurring theme: absolute, guaranteed quality. From what I have read, PPT has established themselves as a dominant force in the 1.8T and FSI world, providing some of the highest quality, hassle-free, reliable turbo kits and components on the market. Many PPT customers have their own build threads and to this day their feedback is a testament to Arnold’s knowledge around design and quality which has lead to long-term reliability and power. Website intro: PPT produces some of the highest quality turbocharger kits for VW transverse and Audi longitudinal applications incorporating the latest turbocharger options with simple installation. Their v-banded kits have been proven on some of the most demanding vehicles with a wide range of power requirements. PPT offers a complete selection of standard and custom turbos from Borg Warner, Bullseye Power, Garrett, Precisio, etc. They have a full selection of engine, exhaust, suspension, gauges and electronics, silicone, wastegates, blowoff valves, fueling components, clutches, limited slip differential options and more.

The Pag Parts EFR 7163 Turbo Kit:
After learning that PPT was developing a complete big turbo setup for the 2.0 TSI/TFSI market, I called Arnold to hear more about his upcoming turbo kit. He explained that he wanted to provide a fully bolt on, v-banded, singe scroll turbo kit with a choice of the EFR series 6758 .64AR or 7163 .85AR turbo (both internally gated) for stock engines or fully built engines with varying software options. In our conversation, Arnold explained that he wanted to provide a turbo kit which does not require upgraded engine internals or additional fueling (reduced output software file) but had the future power potential if a customer decided to have the engine built (higher output software file) and install additional fueling options (full output software file). When reading about the countless engine builds Arnold has completed for some of the highest HP Audi & VW owners, I decided to go all out and have PPT design a fully built long block engine to realize the full potential of his turbo kit. Needless to say, I am very proud to introduce the first PPT EFR 7163 Turbo Kit for the 2.0 TSI (EA888 Gen 1 & Gen 2) platform.

Overall, thus far, my experience with Arnold and Pag Parts Turbo (PPT) has been amazing and has elevated my knowledge about engine builds, fueling and turbo choices. Arnold designed this EFR turbo kit to retain an OEM look and the ease of installation without having to upgrade engine internals or fueling is a big plus. His expertise and professionalism is really what sold me on trusting him with my car over the past few months. I’ve felt confident in the fact that if I had questions or wanted an update on the build, he was always willing to get on the phone and I know he will provide this same level of support in the future when it comes to completing this build. During this build, I have had some of his previous customers reach out to me and "welcome" me to the Pag Parts family (rracerguy717), explaining their previous builds by Arnold and how they are running strong after many years.

Big Turbo Goals:
Aside from wanting to build a higher power “street spec” engine for daily driving, listed below, I have a few specific goals or milestones I want to accomplish over the next year or two.
-Build and develop a GTI transmission to handle this power level (see Drivetrain explanation below)
-Develop water methanol / E85 files with the use of Eurodyne Maestro 7 Tuning Suite for highest HP/TQ stats
-Slipstream Racing Event – 1/2 mile dig or roll stats
-Island Dragway – 1/4 mile stats
-Updated article in European Car & Performance VW (European Car Sweating the Details, Perfecting the VW GTI One Component At A Time, March 2015 / Performance VW Built Not Bought, April 2014)

Work Done By:
Caste Systems Performance - Norwood, NJ
Detailer’s Domain - Norwood, NJ
KMD Tuning - Saddle Brook, NJ
Linden VW - Linden, NJ
Pag Parts Turbo - Deer Park, NY
Redline Speed Worx - Washington, NJ
TyrolSport - Ridgewood, NY

Special Thanks To:
apa11393, Erball, eurocars, GTR Killer, James9120, Jamie@APR, Jeff43, Jettaglis, jettaglx91, kern417, Mdhollis, RGTI13, rracerguy717, Simmsled, tech@Aquamist, the bruce, U-20T, *****2.0t, wndwsdwngti860 and many others from the GolfMK6 Big Turbo Discussion Thread
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New member
As the build moves forward, I will update this post with photos and information dedicated to the EFR 7163 TURBO KIT by Pag Parts Turbo.

Engine Turbo - Pag Parts EFR 7163 Turbo Kit:
Borg Warner EFR 7163 .85AR (internally gated)
PPT 3” Stainless Steel Flexpipe
PPT 3.5” MAF Housing
PPT 3.5” Silicone Intake
PPT Coolant line kit
PPT Oil feed line kit / flange adapter
PPT Oil return line kit / flange adapter
PPT Single Scroll V-Banded Cast Stainless Alloy Exhaust Manifold
PTP Turbo EFR Turbo Blanket
PTP Turbo Lava Downpipe Wrap
SPM 3” Custom Turbo-back Track Exhaust
Tial Sport MVI-2.5 Internal Wastegate Actuator
Treadstone Performance HoneyComb MAF Mass Air Meter Airflow Straightener
Turbosmart Kompact EM BOV Plumb Back VR1 Diverter Valve
VW 2.5 Bar MAP Sensor

EFR Series 6758 or 7163 Turbos:
Why EFR Series? The EFR Series turbos have addressed many issues while bringing all the latest technology and design into a full line of turbochargers specific for the aftermarket community. The Gamma Ti Turbine Wheel is over 50% lighter than its inconel counterpart and could spin in the slightest breeze. A dual ceramic ball bearing cartridge, stainless steel turbine housing and other integrated highlights all come together in harmony to create one of the most advanced aftermarket turbochargers in the world.

The EFR turbine wheel features a highly-advanced alloy that combines titanium and aluminum. These titanium aluminide turbine wheels, codenamed Gamma-Ti, in reference to their cerametallic compound call-sign, are extremely difficult to cast but the big pay-off can be seen on the scales. The Gamma-Ti turbine wheels are roughly half the weight of the typical inconel wheel. This reduction of weight results in improved low-end response; higher boost levels at lower rpms and higher overall wheel speeds.

EFR turbine housings are cast out of stainless steel, which is extremely crack-resistant compared to conventional cast-iron housing that can buckle under the thermal loads produced by turbochargers. They are also lighter, and any weight savings inherently increases performance. Borg Warner uses an investment casting process generally seen in the jewelry-making industry because of its intricate detail and fine surface finishes. A smooth surface reduces friction similar to the effect of polished cylinder heads.

The compressor side of the EFR turbo features a billet compressor wheel and compressor housing outlet which has been machined to accommodate a V-band connector with a ported shroud to increase aerodynamic efficiency. Durability has been addressed with a dual ceramic bearing system and bearing housings with additional outlets for those who also want to water cool their center sections.

EFR Turbocharger
-Gamma Titanium Aluminide (Gamma-Ti) turbine wheel & shaft
-Dual ceramic ball bearing assembly with metal cage
-Forged milled extended tip compressor wheel
-Stainless steel turbine housing
-Water cooled Aluminum bearing housing
-Large internal high flow wastegate
-Provisions for the OEM DV and N75 boost control solenoid valve
-V-Band Connection
-Enhanced Turbo Response
-High Turbine Efficiency

BorgWarner EFR Turbo Features (start at 1:10, V-Band housing at 3:08)

Borg Warner EFR Turbo Series Program Background (start at 1:47)

Overall Feedback:
From a turbo kit hardware standpoint, I personally do not think there is a nicer kit on the market. I’m not an expert who can directly compare this EFR turbo kit against other turbo kits on the market but I know this is an extremely high quality turbo kit with only the finest components and your choice of EFR series 6758 .64AR or 7163 .85AR turbos (both internally gated) with power levels based on your engine internals and fuel output (stock vs. modified). With the same concept and attention to detail as their venerable 1.8T turbo kits, PPT has created what they feel is the most reliable and powerful production kit for the TSI platform. Their EFR turbo kit is centered around a proprietary alloy, stainless steel, v-banded turbocharger exhaust manifold that is designed to withstand much more punishment from elevated temperatures making it far superior to other offerings. Their turbocharger exhaust manifold is machined in-house to ensure perfect fitment and is proudly produced and made in the USA. Their turbocharger exhaust manifold also positions the turbo to retain the OEM drain layout and allows plenty of clearance for the turbo outlet silicone hose over the passenger side axle. The v-band design allows flexibility to rotate the turbo to a perfect orientation to add or service components. Sticking with OEM theme, this turbo kit can retain the N75, Diverter Valve, MAF and 2.5 Bar MAP.

From a drivability standpoint, big turbo owners are absolutely right: a big turbo car is much easier to drive. When I picked up the car and drove home from Long Island City, NY to northern New Jersey, the first thing I noticed was the smoothness of the engine and turbo. Now, I can only speak to the low end and some mid-range of the car as I’m breaking the engine in on a Eurodyne base file limited to the wastegate spring pressure or 15psi of boost coming on at 3,900-4,000 rpm in 3rd gear at WOT. So far, the car is much more predictable, calm and consistent with linear power delivery while daily driving. So far, no more inconsistent predictability of a stock or K04 turbo. All in all, gas mileage is high so far, the car feels consistent, 0 error codes, no timing pull or misfires with this Eurodyne base file.

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New member
As the build moves forward, I will update this post with photos and information dedicated to the ENGINE SOFTWARE.

Engine Software:
Eurodyne EFR 7163 Software File (KAK Tuning tuned with Eurodyne Maestro 7 Tuning Suite)

Overall Feedback:
Dyno results to follow.
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New member
As the build moves forward, I will update this post with photos and information dedicated to the ENGINE FUELING build by Pag Parts Turbo.

Engine Fueling:
Aquamist 10L (2.6 Gallon) Baffled Tank / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
Aquamist Check Valve Jets & Manifold
Audi 8V S3 Direct Injection Fuel Injectors (4)
Audi Allroad Fuel Rail
Bosch EV14 Twin Spray Port Fuel Injectors modified from 550cc (2)
Grams Performance Fuel Pressure Gauge - 120psi
PPT Custom Fuel Basket with Walbro 450 LPFP
PPT Port Fuel Injector Holders (2)
ProMeth Pulse Series Solenoid
Torqbyte 4-bar MAP Sensor
Torqbyte BM1 Bluetooth Unit
Torqbyte CM5-LT Controller
Torqbyte P3073x - Code Inhibitor Module
Torqbyte PM3 - Pump Amplifier
Torqbyte VAG Plug-n-Play Adapter

Torqbyte CM5-LT - Dual WMI Pump Controller:
The Torqbyte CM5 is a highly advanced programmable pump controller capable of simultaneously driving two water methanol pumps, two fuel pumps or one of each pump type. Each of the Torqbyte CM5's two main outputs is capable of continuously supplying up to 10A of current to each pump. The Torqbyte CM5 is capable of directly driving the popular aftermarket in-tank low-pressure fuel pumps (LPFPs), like the popular Audi TT RS LPFP or the DW65v LPFP. It is also able to accept PWM commands from the factory J538 fuel pump control module and allow the ECU tuning to remain in control of the LPFP closed-loop fuel pressure control. Because of these features, the Torqbyte CM5 is most commonly used in setups where its Main Output controls a Water Methanol Pump and its Auxiliary Output controls an aftermarket LPFP (like the Audi TT RS). In the same manner that it controls the water methanol injection pump duty, the Torqbyte CM5’s Auxiliary Output 3D duty map can be used to completely customize the operation of an aftermarket low pressure fuel pump (LPFP), giving the user full control of the vehicle’s fueling.

Additionally, the Torqbyte CM5 is the only pump controller on the market that includes built-in hardware which senses and emulates the drive signal from the factory fuel pump modulator (e.g. Module J538 in VAG vehicles). The Torqbyte CM5 installs in-line between the fuel pump modulator and the upgraded fuel pump to relieve the factory system from the current supply role. The Torqbyte CM5 is capable of continuously supplying the aftermarket fuel pump with up to 20A of current.

-Designed for driving two Water Methanol Injection (WMI) pumps or one WMI Pump and one Low Pressure Fuel Pump (LPFP) at up to 10A each
-Industry’s first 3D mapped control of pump duty based on Engine RPM and Boost
-2 General Purpose Outputs can be used for controlling boost control solenoids, anti-siphon solenoids, staged injection solenoids, lamps, relays, LEDs, or 3rd party Electronic Boost Controllers (EBCs)
-Advanced built-in safety features not available on other rudimentary Water Methanol Injection controllers
-Fully customizable operation with easy to use TorqTune PC software
-TorqTune software also provides real-time data viewing, data logging and data playback of all system parameters for unprecedented ease of system tuning

Torqbyte PM3 - Pump Amplifier:
The Torqbyte PM3 is an advanced pump amplifier designed to overcome the challenges of increased fueling in returnless direct fuel injection systems where the ECU and the factory fuel pump control unit / pulse width modulator (PWM) perform closed loop control of the fuel system line pressure. In these systems, the factory PWM controller is only able to drive the in-tank low pressure fuel pump (LPFP) that the vehicle was originally equipped with. Higher capacity aftermarket in-tank fuel pumps or factory pumps from other manufacturer's vehicles, such as the TT RS LPFP all draw more current than the factory PWM can supply. These aftermarket pumps can overload the factory PWM controller and cause it to overheat. This overloading and overheating results in intermittent pump operation which causes a drop in fuel flow and line pressure thus defeating the whole purpose behind running an upgraded fuel pump. The Torqbyte PM3 provides the best and most effective solution to this problem and installs between the factory fuel pump controller/modulator and the upgraded fuel pump to relieve the factory system of the current supply role. The Torqbyte PM3 is capable of continuously supplying the aftermarket fuel pump with up to 36A of current.

Since the ECU (in a vehicle with a Torqbyte PM3) maintains complete control of the vehicle's fuel system operation, all the familiar pump operating characteristics are retained, such as system priming when a door is opened. The Torqbyte PM3 appears as a small load to the factory Fuel Pump Control Unit J538, so no fault codes are thrown and the new aftermarket LPFP becomes transparent to the vehicle’s control systems. On the outside, the Torqbyte PM3 is enclosed in a thermally-conductive, CNC machined aluminum enclosure that is hard anodized for maximum durability. On the inside, the Torqbyte PM3's electronics showcase our top two design goals: Quality and Reliability. The Torqbyte PM3's design relies entirely on industrial-grade electronic components from the world's leading semiconductor companies including Texas Instruments, Analog Devices, Infineon Technologies, STMicroelectronics, ON Semiconductor and Vishay Intertechnology. The Torqbyte PM3 is easy to install and comes equipped with a built-in 40A fuse.

-Designed for driving high capacity aftermarket low pressure fuel pumps (LPFP), such as the Audi TT RS LPFP without overheating the factory fuel pump control module J538
-Allows the ECU to maintain full control of the aftermarket LPFP pressure control loop - a feature not available with other LPFP solutions.
-Capable of continuously supplying up to 36A of current to the aftermarket fuel pump
-Reliable, easy to install and use

Torqbyte VAG Plug-n-Play Adapter:
The Torqbyte VAG P-n-P adapter is compatible with all VW and Audi models that use a popular 5-pin fuel sender connector VAG Part No. 1K0 919 231. It is designed to be plugged in line between the factory LPFP control module J538 and the fuel sender in order to replace the thin factory 16AWG wires with much larger 10AWG wires for maximum power transfer.

Overall Feedback:
After the engine break in, port fuel injection will be added/connected in order to dyno tune the base file with added boost, fuel and timing.

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As the build moves forward, I will update this post with photos and information dedicated to the ENGINE BUILD build by Pag Parts Turbo.

Engine Build:
ARP Head Studs
ARP Main Studs
Audi Allroad Intake Manifold
Audi Rod Bearings
Brute IX 144x21mm Connecting Rods (rifle drilled)
CP Carrillo 83mm Forged Pistons
INA Engineering Coolant Flange
INA Engineering Rear Main Seal
Supertech Inconel Exhaust Valve Set with Singe Groove Keepers
Supertech Inconel Intake Valve Set with Singe Groove Keepers
Supertech Exhaust Springs with Titanium Retainers
Supertech Intake Springs with Titanium Retainers
Tool Steel 21mm Wrist Pins
VW Main Bearings

Engine Miscellaneous:
Audi R8 Coil Packs
Braille GU1R Green Lite Lithium Battery Combo / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
DEI Reflect-A-Gold Heat Reflective Tape
Dimple Magnetic Engine Drain Plug / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
ECS Tuning Billet Aluminum Oil Level Sensor Blockoff Plate (drilled and tapped for Innovate MTX-D oil temperature sensor)
ECS Tuning Catch Can
Fluidampr TSI Crank Pulley / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
FourSeasonTuning Battery Bracket
GRAF aluminum water pump
GruvenParts 2.0T Billet Intake Manifold Linkage Arm / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
Iabed Industries oil cooler kit
Motul Sport Ester Synthetic Engine Oil (5W-40 Spring/Summer - 5W-50 Fall/Winter)
Neuspeed HI FLO Air Charge Pipe
Neuspeed HI FLO Turbo Discharge Pipe
NGK BKR8EIX Iridium (2668) Spark Plugs
Pag Parts Turbo Front Mount Aluminum Intercooler
TyrolSport UG Aluminum Radiator / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
USRT PeaceKeeper Heat Defense System controlled by USRT Boost Trigga
USRT TSI Oil Pressure Gauge Adapter (VW oil pressure switch & Innovate MTX-D oil pressure sensor)
VW PCV with Pag Parts Turbo custom check valve elbow connection & upgraded RKXtech PCV diaphragm

Overall Feedback:
When it comes to the fastening hardware, we went with the standard ARP hardware I’ve seen in other big turbo builds but with Arnold’s long term track record of engine building it was interesting to learn about other available options for engine internals. Arnold recommended using a set of Brute IX 144x21mm Connecting Rods (rifle drilled), a set of CP Carrillo 82.5mm Forged Pistons, Tool Steel 21mm Wrist Pins, Audi Rod Bearings and VW Main Bearings. In terms of the valvetrain, my 2013 build date engine is not affected by valve float so I wanted to leave it as OEM as possible for now. After Arnold’s recommendation, we decided to swap out the OEM sodium filled exhaust valves for stronger Supertech Inconel Exhaust Valve Set with Singe Groove Keepers to handle the potentially higher EGTs from this Pag Parts EFR 7163 Turbo Kit. I’ve been running direct port water methanol on a daily basis and now have an example of how this may or may not reduce carbon build up on the intake valves and pistons. As pictured below, the carbon build up is an example of 34K miles with direct port water methanol and only required a quick cleaning while Arnold had the engine apart. In addition, the OEM pistons didn’t look terrible in terms of carbon build. With the Bosch EV14 1000cc Port Fuel Injector, time will tell how well a mixture of gasoline and water methanol may clean the intake valves. Since the OEM hollow camshafts have cam lobes pressed on from the factory, there has been some discussion on the Big Turbo Discussion Thread #2 about tack welding the cam lobes to prevent them from spinning and leading to a catastrophic valvetrain failure. Welding 360 degrees around the lobe would not be a good idea as it would most likely warp the hollow camshaft so we only tack welded one side of the lobe, opposite the journal side. Remember, the cam lobes are still pressed onto the shaft so there is already resistance from spinning but the general idea of tack welding is to permanently anchor it and act as a last line of defense. Once the valvetrain was complete, we went with a full timing chain rebuild kit, complete with new chains, guides, tensioners and miscellaneous hardware.

Side note to anyone thinking of having their engine built with upgraded internals, no build goes perfectly smooth. Depending on the hardware you’re looking install, the bottom end or valvetrain can exhibit issues which a real engine builder will identify and can address. Be prepared to have your build take longer than expected and require some additional costs outside of the original scope. This is not to scare anyone, but more of a planning recommendation to understand what it really takes to build an engine. My build took roughly 3.5 months due to some added steps, affordability and saving on my end and the finalization of the first Pag Parts EFR 7163 Turbo Kit for production. Through it all, I can’t say enough about my positive experience with Arnold and Pag Parts Turbo (PPT). I’ve learned a ton when it comes to engine builds, fueling and turbo kits. I have officially nicknamed him "warrior mode", which is an inside joke about how he has gone above and beyond at times to ensure the perfect engine and turbo build.

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As the build moves forward, I will update this post with photos and information dedicated to the supporting DRIVETRAIN build.

02Q MWS Beetle 6-speed Transmission
034Motorsport Street Density Engine Mount / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
034Motorsport Street Density Transmission Mount / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
Advanti Racing Storm S1 17"x9" ET45 Wheels & Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R 245/40/17 Tires
APR Pendulum Mount with SuperPro Bushings
BMC Short Throw Clutch Stop
Clutchmasters FX400 with DMFW
DieselGeek Sigma 6-Speed Short Shift Kit (black slider)
DieselGeek High Performance VW Shifter Shaft Bushing Kit
Dimple Magnetic Transmission Drain Plug / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
Driveshaft Shop 6-Speed Manual 500HP Level 2.9 Direct Bolt-In Axles
ECS Tuning MK6 GTI 6-Speed Clutch Bleeder Block / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
Fluidampr TSI Crank Pulley / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
GS Auto Solutions – Push Clutch to Start Bypass Harness
Liqui Moly SAE 75W-90 GL-4 Gear Oil
Peloquin’s Limited Slip Differential / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
Raceseng Circuit Series Shift Knob / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
Racingline (formerly VWR) Subframe Mount
Tyrolsport x ARP 02Q Bolt Kit
TyrolSport Solid Shifter Bracket Bushing Kit (SSBB) / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
USP Motorsports 1st-2nd & 3rd-4th Steel Shift Forks / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
USP Motorsports Stainless Steel Clutch Line
VW “F” Version Throw Out Bearing & NLS 02Q Shims
VW MK4 GTI Metal Shifter Cable Bracket

Drivetrain - Suspension:
H&R Front 26mm & Rear 24mm Sway Bars
ST Suspensions XTA Coilover Kit / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
Stern Rear Subframe Brace
SuperPro Performance Control Arm Kit / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
Swift Rear 400lb Progressive Springs
TyrolSport DeadSet Rigid Front Subframe Collar Kit / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
TyrolSport DeadSet Rigid Rear Subframe Collar Kit / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
TyrolSport Hatch Brace / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
Unibrace UB
Whiteline Rear Sway Bar End Links / Click Here for my HYDE16 review
Whiteline Rear Trailing Arm Front Bushings / Click Here for my HYDE16 review

Overall Feedback:
In my last build thread, I had my 02Q transmission upgraded with a Peloquin’s Limited Slip Differential and USP Motorsports 1st-2nd & 3rd-4th Steel Shift Forks thanks to Redline Speed Worx then the Audi TT RS Pressure Plate & VW TDI Clutch Disk combo thanks to KMD Tuning. After my engine was removed for disassembly, Arnold called me and explained that the stack height of the Audi TT RS Pressure Plate & VW TDI Clutch Disk combo looked off and we both wondered if this clutch combo would hold the potential power of this build. At the time, I took Arnold’s recommendation to move to a Clutchmasters FX400 pressure plate, unsprung full ceramic clutch disc & OEM DMFW combo. So far, I’m very impressed with this Clutchmasters FX400 pressure plate, unsprung full ceramic clutch disc & OEM DMFW combo. When researching other big turbo builds, I read feedback about manual GTI transmissions failing due to the combination of added torque and the GTI specific shorter gear ratios (see the discussion on the Big Turbo Discussion Thread #2) so I decided to swap my Peloquin LSD and steel shift forks over to a low mileage 02Q MWS Beetle 6-speed transmission with longer 3rd and 4th gear ratios.

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I have to say, what you've done here looks absolutely incredible. My hat is off to you man. I can't wait to see it fully put together and on the road.


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Do you plan on taking your car to Waterfest again? Otherwise I may have to come out to NJ one night during the summer for a GSE meet :thumbup:


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Mind blown, absolutely incredible the amount of work into this, well done. Will be very nice to enjoy. Also looking forward to long term reviews and power figures once boost is cranked up. :clap:


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Mind blown, absolutely incredible the amount of work into this, well done. Will be very nice to enjoy. Also looking forward to long term reviews and power figures once boost is cranked up. :clap:
Thank you James, can't wait to give you guys final numbers and dyno graphs.


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coming up, a few goodies have to go in next, then prepare the trans for the power, then add fueling and dyno tune!


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Really exciting stuff man! Glad to see such hustle; workmanship and passion in this project. Its just positive for the whole community.

I have a few questions:

I know youre in the breakin period on the clutch and waiting on injectors but are you running 15lbs wastegate pressure in all gears right now? If so how does it feel in 1st/2nd?

On the tranny failure piece. What seems to be the big failure? Gears sheering or failure of the input shaft/output shaft? I am just asking because if I go in and drop and LSD i might just swap those out if they are the likely culprits. (maybe a taller 6th gear too).

And you know I have to ask:

What are your plans on grip? RE-11s for a daily I get that. I know you were talking boost by gear as well. Are you doing what U20 did a while back when FWD and drop stiff-ass springs in the rear? Can we expect a new fabricated piece in the future? This kit is super interesting to me but if i cannot at least retain all of 2nd im not sure ill get off the k04

Sorry for being all over the place. Love the build and will be waiting intensely for updates!