I found 100 bucks on the floor in casino


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A guy was walking quickly to the Blackjack table. He reaches for his pocket to get cash and a 100 bill falls out. He is already seated at the table. I saw the whole thing grabbed the 100 and walked out fast.

If you were me would you have returned the money or keep?

I figure this is a casino not a church so it ok right? i dont have bad karma coming do I ? Should I blow it on 100 bucks lottery tickets?


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personal morals. diff strokes for different folks


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I dont believe I am going to get bad Karma, its a casino, Now if its at work or school function or elswhere i give the money back or really anywhere else.

If this happened at the happy ending massage parlor i go to I would keep the money


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I've given it some thought now.

Breaks down to this, in whorehouse or casino keep the money. Elsewhere I give back. No guilt trip, I am not on the Sally Rafael show here.


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Actually last time i was in vegas i asked about something like this happening because ive seen ppl that win big and "make it rain" etc. I always thought that money was fair game but i was wrong. they said that if someone throws money, drops money, whatever on the casino floor and they walk away, that money belongs to the casino. So op you didnt steal from that guy you stole from the casino.
regardless of anything you should make the best of the 100. 50 to a tank of gas and 50 in lotto tickets.


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You should have sat next to him and bet'd that 100$ to test your luck.
If you win, give that guy his 100$ back. If not? oh well.