I found 100 bucks on the floor in casino


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I now call it if you cant keep track of your 100 dollar bills you should stay home and this Karma thing is so overrated. How many a holes kick ass in life.


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remind me to watch my moneiz around you

and you watched him drop it, give it back.

maybe he would of introduced you to his hot modeling daughter and said, "this guy is awsome, come back to LA with us on our private plane, your giving 100 dollar bills back, you must be an honest guy"

now you are rethinking it :wink:


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Total dick move. If it was just sitting there not a big deal, but you saw him drop it.


Here's a plausible what if... That was the dudes taxi money because he planned on getting tanked at the casino. But since he lost it, he decided "meh I'm not that drunk, I can still drive" drives off and boom destroys a vw dealership filled wih newly imported scirocco's that vw planned on releasing into the us. Now we'll never get to buy any sciroccos and it's all your fault...thanks OP

OMFG!!! OP is such a fucking douchebag... please don't tell me they were scirocco Rs!


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Its a friggin Casino guys. money flows left and right. Its not like the guy just give his plasma for 100 dollars. Dont be so PC.


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money flows from the casino to the player or vice versa. Not from another player to another player who has no morals. Douchebag


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I would have asked the guy something like "if I can save you $100, would you give me $50 of it?". He says yes, give him back his hundy, if he says no, take the face card.


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For those who say they would have given it back, I dont believe you.
That's your problem, along with lousy morals. I don't care if it is $1, $100, or $1000, I absolutely would have given it back. How do I know? Because I have returned cash and non-cash of greater value than $100 before.

And for the record, I'm not motivated by religion or an altruistic belief, just simple morals instilled in me by my parents who cared enough to teach me right from wrong.
You made a thread about it on the internet. You clearly felt bad about it.

If your mom saw you do it, what would she think? This is the answer you are looking for.


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I'm the OP, I lost the 100 I found in the casino and than some. I probably lost a total of 230 lately. But get this after all these losses I decided to buy 100 dollars worth of scratch lottery tickets and won 500. I bought 5 20 dollars tickets. Its the WA state set for life tickets I landed a good one for freaking 500. I should have done that with that dude's money in the first place instead of testing my luck in the casino. Proves Karma is bullshit guys :eyebulge:

I have a pic but need to block of my face as I took the pic of the ticket with my company id card.