I haaaaaaaaaate the waiting game!


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Gotcha. Just gotta be careful in this market, as someone else can offer a tad higher and they can accept that one right away. If no one else has been interested/talking to them, you should be fine, but just gotta be careful not to go too low or possibly insult them, etc, so you don't miss out.

To prevent this, you can use what is called an escalation clause to your agreement of sale. This will allow you to offer at the $5k lower with a maximum not to exceed x. Kinda like how ebay works. Allows you to pay a hair over what the competition does but not over the highest you are willing to spend

Good luck to you Both!


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Nice yard and views! Good luck mang!


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Dang didnt see this thread. That backyard looks awesome!! Hope you guys get it!


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That'd be a pretty nice porch to enjoy sunsets on with some adult beverages.

Good luck!

D Griff

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Yeah that open space/view in the back really makes it, good luck to you.


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Good luck!!

Wife and I just picked up pretty much exactly what we wanted in almost the exact area we want to be in. Like I said in another thread it was on the market for a total of three days and two of those were last Friday that we were shown it and Saturday when we made and negotiated the purchase.


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Nice house. Keep us posted!


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So the "realtor" the seller is using isn't much of a realtor. I guess it's almost like going by owner, they do a very limited amount of stuff and you don't even have a specific agent. So in order to contact them my agent calls the company which goes to a generic voicemail and eventually someone will call my agent back, relay the info/offer and the seller has to do th same..... Maybe this is why it's been on the market for 90 days, people don't want to wait and just move on. Today 11 hours after the deadline my realtor got a call from that shitty company saying we'd get a counter offer later today.


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Good news that you're getting a counter offer.