IE Stage 2 Tune (no intercooler)


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I ordered the stage 2 tune for my 2014 DSG GTI. I've got the downpipe and APR CIA.

I called IE yesterday and was told that, rather than recommended (like the website says) it is almost required to have the intercooler to prevent knocking and other issues.

That is the first I've ever heard you will get knocking and other issues without the intercooler. Most everything I've read says its not a huge issue, although the IC will help get the most power and keep the intake temps cooler more consistently. Not I'm stuck between tuning without the intercooler or returning the IE tune package.


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You'll be fine without an intercooler.
My last 3 vehicles, I upgraded the intercooler as my last mod. You will notice power loss during hot temps though. The intercooler is well worth the money if you live in a hot climate.


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I had K04 on stock intercooler while I was going from Fall to Spring :D

Honestly though, Stg2 K03 should have zero issues with stock intercooler outside of heat soak during hot temp seasons. I never had an issue while I was stg2...

Otherwise I don't see why you would need it upgraded for Stg2.


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You don't need an intercooler.