I'm done with ECS


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I was thinking they used to be like 8/900
I remember 700ish when I was in the market years ago. Got these exact ones for 425 shipped on facepage mahketplace


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Yeah they were $700 for a long time and I thought that was ridiculous. I paid $500 shipped on vortex for mine back in 2017.

Maybe now is the time to sell them. :ROFLMAO:
make it a drinking game, do a test post on FB marketplace at $1200 and post to some of the groups, take a shot every time someone mentions a non-oem brand. spoiler: you'll swear off booze for a month.


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ECS fucked me pretty nicely the past few weeks, I ordered a BFI stage 1 mount kit and got a ecs box with an old style engine mount, correct trans mount, correct pendulum insert and hardware, correct engine mount hardware and no trans mount hardware, made a claim, waited a week and they said because of the screw up to keep the first kit and they "expedited" the replacement kit. The second kit came and it was a stage 1 kit for a mk4! Made another claim...after probably 50 calls, 3 or 4 different reps and several failed attempts to chat via email, they tell me their stock was all screwed up and they don't even have the kit and that it would be sent direct from BFI in 2 weeks! BFI got it to me sooner than expected so here I am 3 weeks later and now I somehow have a stage 2 kit and I'm not even mad about it anymore. Idk wtf happened.


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Just placed an order with ECS, for the first time in a year and a half, on an item listed as in-stock. I used to order a bunch from them without issue, until I found the likes of Uro, FCP, etc.

We shall see…


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What the hell is going on with ECS lately? I have been without a VW for ~7 years and just bought a used JSW.

I ordered a bunch of stuff from them and one of the packages came in absolutely DESTROYED with a couple of items missing. I have been trying to reach them via email, phone, and chat since Thursday and:
1) They don't respond to emails
2) They don't have a way to actually reach customer service via phone anymore, it just plays a recorded message directing you to the website
3) Chat for customer service just goes unanswered.

Does anyone even work there outside of the warehouse anymore? Had I known that they had turned into such a steaming pile of crap, I'd never have spent my money with them.