Insufficient air flow - EGR problem


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Hi all

I have a 140 tdi golf 6 that started to glow the eml light

I ran diag on it and found that the error is

P040100 Exhaust Gas Recirc.Flow Insufficient Detected

I looked for the egr on the engine and looks like the throttle body is there but the EGR isn't which means it is under the turbo.. which is a pain.. so the question is.. could those ears be cleaned?

And could it just be that causing this issue?

I took live stream of the egr and when the valve is inactive I get 15kh/h while if I activate it it starts to fluctuate between 0.3kg/h and 14kg/h back and forth every say 2 seconds

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I can see how helpful this forum is