Interchangeable parts with Golf?


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I'm trying to track down a window motor for my 2011 gti, but the only used parts I'm able to find for sale seem to be from a Golf. I'm strapped for cash, so I'm reluctant to buy new OEM. Is there a resource to see what parts are interchangeable between models or different years?

The part number I'm looking for is 5k0959702b & the parts I'm finding are either 5k0959701 or 5k0959703.


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Try plugging the part into ecstuning And seeing what it says for fitment


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That sort of thing should be the same. The shell is identical, the GTI is just a major trim package basically. The only thing that would be different is going to be 2 door and 4 door versions could be different.

Not sure why the stickers on some parts show a B while the official VW part listing shows a Z code at the end to denote Left and Right but the base part number is the same. Now, the 701 and the 703 numbers don't come up really so not sure where they are coming from as Golf's should have the 702 as well per VW. is a great used resource as well.