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Back in a VAG vehicle. Owned a 2012 CW 2DR and an B7 Avant previously. Just picked up another GTI for a DD:

Looking for someone who can do some Vag-Com tuning. Please PM or reply if you know of anyone that has the skills and is available to kokua!! Aloha!


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62 views and not a single person from Hawaii (Oahu)?! Guess I'll have to invest in my own vag-com access. Sigh.


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Welcome! I'm staying off Ali'i drive on the big island right now. If you want to fly me over if be happy to VCDS your car! :D


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What up John! This is Elias. I still have my B7 but I traded in my GTI for a truck. :(
I miss it though.
Elias, howzit brother. I just sold my Tacoma Prerunner. Was gonna pick up a '14 or '15 Tacoma 4x4 but no good deals + they just released the 2016 update. Gonna wait a year or so before getting another truck. In the meantime, this 2010 MK6 was too good of a deal to pass up. Looks good so far, huh? Gonna stay mild (OEM+) for mods since I won't be keeping it for too long. Still got the B7 A4, good going. Really miss my Avant.

Do you know anyone doing vag-com coding?
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