Japanese TV tuner UK?


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Hi all, I hope your well and knowledgable lol.

I have recently acquired a MK 6 Japanese import Golf, it’s a R however it’s a general question.

It came as standard with a factory fitted RNS510, TV tuner and reversing camera. The TV tuner does not work, it just shows some kind of test chart when TV is selected however VCDS shows the tuners/ariels are connected and working etc, basically it shows it’s alive. I guess they used different frequencies/tuner over there.

My question is, if I buy a European/UK spec tuner would it just be plug and play? I know it’s not a essential job, however it would be cool to get it working.

Secondly my car does not have a Bluetooth module installed, I’ve read that it’s plug and play to install under the drivers seat (UK) however that’s where my TV tuner is, will I still have the Bluetooth connectors under my seat that are free to use?

Any thoughts would be appreciated.