Jay's 13' Wolfsburg Build


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Figured it was about time I start one of these.

Anyways, for those of you who don't know my, the name is Jay. I'm from Chicago. Before this starts sounding like a personal ad I'll get to the car lol.

Bought the car new in May 13, 6 speed manual 30 miles.

APR Stage 1 Carbonio intake - installed 9/24/13 (SOLD)
Unitronic Intake - installed 1/17/15
APR Stage 1 ECU tune - installed 9/24/13(removed)
APR Stage 2 ECU tune - installed 6/9/14(removed)

HPA (75a) dogbone mount - installed 5/10/14
Neuspeed Turbo Outlet Pipe - installed 6/24/14 (SOLD)
R8 Coils & NGK Plugs - installed 5/30/14
S3 Short Shifter - installed 7/4/2014
Neuspeed FMIC - installed 7/18/2014(removed)
RSR Clutch - installed 8/1/2014
42DD Shifter Bushings - installed 8/1/14
GFB DV+ - installed 8/25/14
42DD Solid Shifter Bracket Bushings - installed 10/22/14
APR K04 & 3.1 Software - installed 10/15/14
Clutch Stop - installed 12/08/15
034 Billet Pendulum - installed 3/14/15
034 Trans mount - installed 4/19/15 (SOLD)
034 Motor mount - installed 4/19/15 (SOLD)

Tyrolsport master bracket - installed 4/19/15
Stoptech Front/Rear Brake pads - installed 5/21/15
Tyrolsport Brake Stiffening Kit - installed 5/21/15
Motul 5.1 brake fluid - 5/21/15
AWE S3 TOP - 7/28/15
Neuspeed Charge Pipe (SOLD)- 7/28/2015
BFI Stage 2 Motor Mount - installed 2/27/16
BFI Stage 2 Trans Mount - installed 2/27/16
Stoptech ST40 BBK - installed 3/16/16
ECS Clutch Bleeder Block - installed 3/16/16
Integrated Engineering Catch Can - installed 4/21/16
Fluidampr - installed 4/25/16
Snow Stage 2 Water/Meth - installed 6/12/16
BSH Throttle Body Pipe - installed 6/12/16
Tyrolsport Radiator - installed 8/7/2016
INA Throttle body spacer - installed 8/7/2016
Snow 60 tb spacer meth nozzle - installed 8/7/2016
Snow Meth solenoid - installed 8/7/2016
Wavetrac LSD - installed 8/14/2016
AEM W/M Filter - installed 8/21/2016
Snow 2.5 gallon resevoir - installed 8/21/2016
Stoptech slotted rear rotors - installed 4/22/17
Braille #11 Lightweight Battery (11.5lbs) - installed 6/14/17
PolarFIS - installed 7/10/17
Raxles Race axles - 9/1/2018
Eurojet intercooler - 9/8/2018
Dieslgeek shaft bushings - 10/23/2018
Dieselgeek Super Slider - 10/25/2018

EuroJet Turbo Back - installed 2/15/14
42DD O2 Spacer - installed 3/21/14 (Removed)

Koni Yellow Struts/Shocks - installed 6/9/14 - Removed 7/1/18
Eibach Pro Kit Springs - installed 6/9/14 - Removed 7/1/18
034 Strut Mounts - installed 6/9/14 - Removed 7/1/18
H&R 24mm Rear Sway Bar - installed 1/23/15
Powerflex Caster kit(anti lift kit) - 8/28/2015
H&R 26mm Front Sway Bar - 8/28/2015
Tyrolsport Deadset Kit - 8/28/2015
Whiteline Front Endlinks - 9/12/2015 - Removed 4/7/19
Unibrace UB - 9/22/2015
Passat Control Arms - 1/09/2016
SuperPro Front Lower Control Arm Bushings - 1/09/2016
KMD Tuning Lower Front Subframe Brace - 1/30/2016
034 Rear Endlinks - 5/14/2016
Eurosport X Brace - 6/10/2016
Tyrolsport Rear Deadset - 8/7/2016
Unibrace RB - 4/9/2017
KMD Tuning Front Control Arm Brace - 5/13/2017
Voodoo13 Rear Toe Arms 4/6/2018
Powerflex Black Lower Control Arm Bushings - 5/29/2018
Powerflex Black Rear Upper Control Arm Bushings 5/29/2018
Powerflex Black Rear Trailing Arm Bushings - 5/29/2018
Mk5 Rear Upper control Arms - 7/17/2018
Vorschlag camber plates - 7/17/2018
Eibach multipro r2 coilovers -7/17/2018
Steinjager Front Endlinks -4/7/19

Sumitomo HTRZ3
BFG Rival-S
Hankook Ventus RS3
Hankook Ventus RS4

35% Tint
Clear Side Markers - installed 11/9/13
Euro Switch - installed 1/20/14
GTI Door Inserts - installed 10/1/13
Yellow Fog LaminX - installed 5/9/14
PIAA H8 Yellow fog bulbs - installed 5/9/14
Klii Color Matched rear emblem insert
Klii German Flag steering wheel emblem insert
DeBadged GTI from rear hatch - 6/27/14
Depo LED Black Cherry tails - 6/12/14 (came off lambs car +10 scene points)
AWE Boost Gauge - installed 5/17/14
AWE Boost Tap - installed 5/17/14
VW Seatbelt pads
Unplugged Soundaktor - 8/6/14
OEM Front Lip - 9/18/14
LED SideMarkers(deautokey) - 9/29/14
LED License Plate Bulbs(deautokey) - 9/29/14
LED City Bulbs(deautokey) - 10/15/14
PIAA H7 Extreme White headlight bulbs - 12/28/14
TWM Spooky Weighted Shift Knob - 1/9/15
Weathertech floor mats 1/16/15
Rennline fire extinguisher mount cleanchem extinguisher - 7/31/15
Oem euro aspherical mirrors - 8/21/15
OPD Sequential Turn Signals & Puddle Lights - 4/2/16
OEM Golf Debadged Grill - 5/29/16
Rennline gas pedal with riser plate - 3/27/18

Vag Com:
Disable Seat Belt Chime
DRL's off - Euro Switch
Push to Talk as Mute
Disable Horn when locking
Comfort Turn Signals set to 5
Gauge Sweep
Windows up/down with key fob

Pending Install:
setrab oil cooler
mocal sandwich plate
PTP Turbo Blanket

Thanks for reading. Will be posting reviews of some of the things to come along with pics.
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german flag steering wheel emblem

pics of the hpa puck installed. Getting the oem mount out was a pain. This is my favorite mod to date so far. Completely changed the feel of the car for the better.

pics of the tails and susension.

Golfmk6 swag

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edited - this seems like so long ago. My oh my its a completely different car now.

old video below.



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Installed an S3 shifter today and attempted to install 42DD shifter bushings.

long story short, the bushings did not fit at all so I ended up just installing the S3 shifter.

Throws are a bit shorter which is nice but still sloppy with the oem bushings.



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quick update:
I was a bit impulsive and bought a neuspeed fmic, now waiting patiently aside the door for the next 6 days until the UPS guy comes :lol:

also have an appointment at HS Tuning for 8/1 to have the RSR clutch installed.


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installed the neuspeed FMIC last night. Install went great, hardest part was getting the bumper off and then figuring out what this nutsert tool was. Followed the instructions, and referenced Wetmoney's thread when the instructions didn't make sense.

Car feels amazing driving. before, I would get one decent highway pull and then the power would fall off. Now it keeps going and going like the energizer bunny.
Haven't got to play with it on a really hot day yet but I'm assuming it will be the same results. Also haven't gotten to drive around with the AC on yet but I'm hoping that the power loss is minimal now.

Pics in post #2.


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^ Luls

So day 1 after really driving the car, the intercooler is fantastic. Really not sure why I didn't do this sooner. If I could do it over I think it would have been one of the first mods I did.


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Removed all the scratches from my gauges this morning using this stuff. It's really impressive how well it worked. I thought I was screwed and would have to live with them.



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eh, not really my boy, but nah, I blame congress for that. I actually understand how the country legislates (president proposes, congress disposes law), so it's all good.

I also didn't think right of center could wear plugs... :: mind blown :: :iono:


track sl00t
eh, not really my boy, but nah, I blame congress for that. I actually understand how the country legislates (president proposes, congress disposes law), so it's all good.

I also didn't think right of center could wear plugs... :: mind blown :: :iono:
I still heart you even if we don't agree on politics :p