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Jay's 13' Wolfsburg Build


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Had RS3 before these, they discontinued those and replaced with the RS4

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There's much better street tires out there. These have a very stiff sidewall and take some heat in them before they start gripping.

these (extreme perf) tires are more performance dedicated for track/autox, etc. You can def street drive them, but they will be louder and wear quicker than say a max summer perf tire.


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Finally got around to working on it. Valves looked really good for 85k miles. Still did a quick carbon cleaning on it.


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what is that thing with the red over lower left in the engine bay?


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Finally got to finish it and just in time. Dropped down to 20 degrees and I was only running water with no coolant. Manifold and water pump were kind of a pain to get off. I was shocked at how clean my valves were. Water/meth and hooning ftw. Did a carbon cleaning regardless. New grad aluminum water pump on, new manifold and pcv gaskets, and new injector seals.

Had a bit of a scare on the first startup, was misfiring and wouldn't stay running. Realized quickly that I forgot to plug in the manifold plug for the boost tap o_O



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many say it's not necessary but honestly I think it would be a nightmare job without removing the manifold.
That seems to also be the consensus of what I've found online, but I wanted your opinion too since you're really handy with this stuff. Just doing some preliminary research for when mine inevitably goes.