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Just bought a 2013 golf r.. any tips?


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Spent all day driving around looking and finally signed for a golf r 2013 from the VW dealer near my hometown Montreal.

Only two of these were around in the city, the other one from far out of town was accidented and was loud in the front and leaning to the accidented side so I quickly left that spot.

Second and last one from the dealer was impeccable and ther was someone test driving it right before I got there.

Paid 20k CAD and theres 140000km on it. Been maintained and had only one owner who drove it light, never accidented.

I'm new to the whole driving for fun scene and Im in love with this car already. Delivery tomorrow can't come quick enough.

I've been driving a Dodge Ram most of my adult life and the only experience I have with a clutch is doing snow removal with a John Deere tractor.

Thoughts or advice?


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Seconded- Have Fun! Get to know your car, get used to having a clutch, get used to the steering, and get used to the brakes. Feel it out, slowly test limits, then when you feel like you have a good grasp - go nuts!


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Ensure the cam follower is in good shape. It's a pretty routine check and change, but VW never made it a part of their regular maintenance program. They can fail. It's a wear part and can send metal into the engine if allowed to go too long and wear out. This is bad engineering on VW. I paid for a new engine last year. Mine wore all the way through and was wearing down the shaft on the fuel pump. It was bad.


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Great buy! I owned a 2012 MK6 R before picking up the MK7.5 R. Be prepared for the timing belt change. I want to say that the latest recommendations by VW was 120,000 miles or every 7yr. Don't quote me on that. I agree with the cam follower recommendation above. Enjoy the car!


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Congrats, I also drive a 2012 Golf R, 2 door tornado red here.
For sure check the cam follower/have someone check it or service it. Cheap part that will save you thousands in repairs later if you stay on top of it.
If you ever catch the modding bug, I'd suggest checking out Unitronic as they're local to you, and a great company. Also for any other parts or maintenance stuff you may need