Knocking/ clicking noise when accelerating


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Hi folks just bought a mk6 1.6 tdi golf a few weeks ago and have had a few issues already. Starter gone, coolant dropping pressure (no warning on dash) hand brake failed and tail light corroded. All in all not the end of the world BUT today out of the blue the car SOMETIMES not every time will click/knock when accelerating happens in different gears, but usually after 20 mins of driving. It’s very intermittent and I’ve heard it a few times on one drive and not at all on another. First thing that pops to mind is suspension but would that not be more constant and be more audible when turning ? This happens when in a straight line but only when accelerating. Btw it’s not a very quick clicking noise it would be maybe 2 beats a second. Any ideas what it could be before I take it to a mechanic ??