LCA Bracket Rear Bushings: Poly vs Solid Rubber


Go Kart Champion
Looking for people's opinions/experience on this. I'm currently leaning towards a poly bushing, and replacing it later with a rubber bushing if it fails or if I have some kind of issue. Anyone recommend just getting the solid rubber bushing?

For additional detail, my car's a daily driver (-40C to 40C temperatures) that I plan on starting to take to some autoX events and eventually some track days. Looking to try and eliminate some of the wheel hop and tighten up the feel of the steering a bit. Currently looking at either Whiteline or BFI bracket. I know some may recommend a SuperPro or PowerFlex instead of the Whiteline, but I'm really just looking for input on Poly vs Rubber for that bushing, experience with durability, difference in feel between the 2