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Lease return title shipping?


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Hi all. I've been doing some heavy searching for a slightly used MK6 and finally found one at a local dealership. It's a 2013 DSG with 31k miles on it. When I found the car (8/28), it was just returned that day from its lease and was sitting in the processing lot. They had the car listed online with no pictures for 17,700 as it hadn't been processed yet. A couple days later I went back for a test drive and pulled the trigger last weekend (9/3). We weren't able to finalize the deal because they were still waiting for the title to be shipped to them from VW Credit, or wherever they were holding it.

My question is, in your experience, how long should I expect to wait for the title to arrive? They claimed it could be up to 10 business days and we obviously just had labor day so today makes 9 business days since the car appeared on the lot. The sales guy I dealt with was nice, but pretty old school and didn't really provide me with any info. I've called a couple times to check in, but they don't have any updates for me. Is there no tracking involved with the shipment of the title? I'm financing through VW Credit but they said there is nothing they can do until the title is in. I'm getting so antsy, I just want the car already! :cry:


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The title process varies by state, and of course takes time when someone pays off a loan, car changes hands, etc. I think with my car it was closer to a month but that was with a third party loan being paid off.


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I purchased my car off lease Aug 13 and the postage on the envelope the title was mailed in is dated Sept 12