LF and RR brakes binding while driving


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2010 GTI
My left front caliper seized and caught on fire driving on the highway. I replaced the caliper, rotor, wheel hub, brake pads, and brake hose line. Flushed the brake fluid. Seemed to fix the problem.
A week later right rear caliper seized. Did not catch fire, but the pad was stuck to the rotor. I replaced the caliper and the pads.
Car drove fine for about 3 months then both left front and right rear brakes engaged while driving on the highway. Pulled over and both rotors were hot, rear rotor smoking.

Anyone encounter this issue?
Could this be the master cylinder? Or faulty ABS?


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any codes? faulty ABS will trigger a code...

how often do you flush/change the brake fluid prior to all this happening?


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No codes. Good to know that faulty ABS would trigger a code. Thanks

I’ve owned the car for 10 years… and to be honest I just flushed/changed the brake fluid for the first time when I replaced the calipers on the LF and RR this past August.