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I recently traded my trusty MKV GT 07 plate ( 162k) for a 2012 GT TDI
My 07 had never let me down,& when my mechanic stepson came to me with a deal for his 12 plate it was a no-brainer.he’s looked after both cars very well,& as aI travel a bit doing art workshops & teaching, the lower mileage newer car seems sensible.
Love the mk6 so far, but for the life of me, I cannot fathom how to emulate a feature I loved on the MKV: when I locked the car, the headlights stayed on for a good while,& similarly they dame on when I unlocked the car.
Am I being thick?( I am a senior citizen!), or can someone help?


The Fixer
There is a leaving home/coming home feature that can be enabled with vagcom/vcds/obdeleven, you'll need someone with the software to code it.


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It's in the car set up. under lights., you can adjust the time for them to come on and go off when you lock and unlock the car. (on the dash display)