List of Popular MKVI VAG-COM Tweaks


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Since updating to the APR 2.4 file, I no longer have a rev limiter while in neutral (6MT). It used to be around 4k RPM and can now rev to redline. I actually liked it when it had the 4k limiter in neutral. Is there a VCDS setting to change that back?
No that's the tune itself that controls it.

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So I installed a Chinese android 9 head unit (50w×4) with 1ohm stable 1000w rms amp and 12" sub. The gain limit is 30 on the head unit. 30/30 is not where it should peak. I feel it should have another 10db before it starts to clip/distort.

Perhaps it's the cheap preouts from the head unit but I've heard of people long coding the 2v output to 4v?? Does anyone have an idea how make my gain louder without another amp or dsp?


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Turn up the gain on the amp...

Am I missing something? Set the head unit to about 3/4 volume, and adjust the gain up on the amp.


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Hi guys, bought a cable with 17.1.3 software.
Manage to delete error and fault but i cannot do coding.
Is it because of the 17.1.3 software?


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Hello all, a very useful thread. Does anyone know how to deactivate ‘alternative park position’ (APP/APS)for front wipers? This function is required to de-activate the wiper arms when replacing, adjusting wiper arms, or replacing J400 wiper motor. I checked in 09 central electrics module long coding, and could not find anything. I even checked in the sub system, ‘Wischer’, coding, but the byte’s only display bit numbers with no information. I have looked around google, I’m certain the functionality can be de-activated on byte 01, but, which bit is a mystery.

Date: 2019-12-01 23:31

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