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Longitudinal transmissions that match our 2.0t?


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New guy here. Been lurking and finally made an account to contribute.

I recently blew up my 2013 GTI motor. As of yesterday, though, I also acquired a 2011 salvage-titled GTI with only 55k on the clock for parts. That engine and some body panels are being transplanted into my old car, but I do want to rebuild the parts car afterward. I've wanted two cars for a bunch of reasons, namely winter driving (I live in New Hampshire, so lots of salt), but it was never viable. Getting back to the point, I had two ideas: turn the second car into a winter/rally car, or... Do something radical.

I know this isn't typical, but I really want to do a RWD build. I have an idea of what parts I'd need, except the transmission. I thought I might have luck with the R, Q3, A3, so on, with the hopes one of those AWD systems used a transfer case but... Nope. I need a true single-output transmission. I wasn't sure if anyone knew of our had a way of finding out about the bolt patterns matching up to certain transmissions, so I figured I'd ask a few different forums.

It's worth mentioning that I'd prefer a manual or sequential option if such thing exists. Sequential would mean a substantial waiting period (of probably a few years) to save up for it, but could be worth it if I can find one under 5k

If y'all are interested in my hearing my plans let me know. I could use a hundred second opinions on weight distribution and such. (And on that note, does anyone know our actual distribution? I can't find straight answers anywhere). This is all hypothetical as of now and will be for the next year until I've both fixed my old engine and paid my debts for the new car.

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Well... it's been done. Why not put the engine in the hatch? Instant rwd. Course cutting, welding etc needed but you'd need to do that anyway