Malone stage 2 TDI tune with stock exhaust?


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I’m considering a Malone stage 2 tune for my 2013 Golf TDI. I have to keep my cat and emission equipment as we do have emissions testing here (Denver). Is it still worth doing the tune? I’m looking for more power/economy. I just didn’t know if there’d be a significant improvement in performance/economy given that I have to keep everything else in tact. Thanks.


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Yes, going stage 2 brings very nice power upgrade and you do not have to remove any emissions equipment to take advantage of it. They do recommend a tune for your trans if you have an automatic but it is not required. If you order their flash tool you can install the tune yourself. I did so for my Audi.


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I purchased a stage 1 tune from Kerma TDI. Keeps all factory emissions intact and even passed the AZ emissions test without having to flash back to the stock tune.
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They even give an option for an upgrade to gauges or info in the stock gauge cluster that will give you boost pressure and other live engine data.
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Just an FYI the Malone Stage 2 tune passed Caifornia smog Nov 2021 with no issue, no flashback to stock.